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Mobile security & Antivirus protection from Malware, ransomware & WiFi attacks

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security for Android provides you with the essential layers of defense you need, but don’t get from free solutions.
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■ Why do you need a mobile security app?
Main target – Smartphones are the main target of cyber criminals. Why? Because we’re using them more than any other device.
We’re not safe – Smartphones are so convenient, therefore can easily lead us into believing we’re safe from cyberattacks. That’s no longer true! Phishing attacks, for example, are three times more successful when mobile phones are targeted.
Hackers’ motivation – Our relaxed and trusting attitude towards our phones is the exact reason why cyber criminals are focusing their efforts on creating viruses and other types of malware.
What can we lose? Imagine the moment when you realize your most personal information has been stolen. Hackers can steal your photos, videos, bank app login, or office network access credentials. They can even take control of your microphone.

■ Where attacks are taking place
Unprotected mobile phones are vulnerable to attacks in three ways:
Apps – We love our icons, but click the wrong one and you can unleash a destructive virus
WiFi network – You’re on WiFi and unaware of a hidden hacker in the middle of the session intercepting your data.
Operating system – It’s the heart and brain of our phones, so if compromised, a hacker can take full control of your camera, microphone, data, and more.
Without proper mobile security, you won’t even notice an attack until it’s too late, and all goes wrong…

■ The solution –ZoneAlarm Mobile Security
ZoneAlarm Mobile Security app is the best pure security solution for mobile devices. Here’s why:
First line of defense: Apps
✔ Antivirus protection – Scans for malware infected apps and harmful updates.
✔ Anti-ransomware – Uses behavioral algorithms to stop any attempt to take your data or device hostage.
✔ Zero-day attacks – Protects you against new and unknown malware.
✔ Microphone misuse – Issues rapid notification of a suspicious use of your microphone.

Second line of defense: Network
✔ WiFi ranking – Ranks nearby hotspots to ensure safe connections.
✔ WiFi protection – Detects unsafe network connections and sends you an alert to prevent your privacy from being compromised.
✔ SMS phishing protection – Prevents you from accessing links to phishing sites sent over SMS messages.

Third line of defense: Operating system
✔ Device shield – Sends you an alert of suspicious processes and settings that can compromise your safety.
✔ Break alert – Alerts you if someone has broken into your operating system and has gained control over it.

■ Your experience is our priority
✔ 100% privacy – We don’t collect or share your personal information.
✔ No ads – Our app is hassle-free. You won’t see advertisements, even during your 30-day trial.
✔ Low device resources – Preserves device performance with minimal effect on battery life.
✔ Interactive user interface – Our app is sleek, fast, and easy-to-use, offering a great user experience.

ZoneAlarm brings you enterprise-grade technology.
ZoneAlarm is the consumer products business unit of Check Point Software Technologies, the world’s leading cyber security company. As a ZoneAlarm customer, you benefit from the same advanced technology securing large, global enterprises.

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