Your Majesty Mod APK is a training RPG that battles with kings with two faces of justice and madness while listening to character songs!

MOD APK version of Your Majesty

MOD features

  • Menu: Auto Win

◆ Story

While the world was ruining,
24 great souls to summon.

“Worship the King, good luck and be saved.”

In a world full of destruction,
A journey of justice and madness begins.

your majesty 1

◆Features of Your Majesty

▼Serve the King and Save the World
It is your duty to protect the king!
Defend kings who have only thought of killing your enemies!

▼Attractive characters

All kings in this game are grand and arrogant!
Let’s experience the story of “Justice” and “Frenzy” together by such kings!

▼ Exclusive character songs

There are character songs for all characters to sing!
Unleash your best skills and singers in battle!
Auto attack gives you unlimited songs!

▼ Who will choose justice or madness?

Top cards can grow and choose justice and madness!
Take advantage of two figures: king, justice and madness!

your majesty 2

◆ Cast

VIP: CV. Liyo Takahashi/Singer. Mana Kobayashi
Claude: CV. Taketo Ito / Singer. Masashi Ooyama
Luisette: CV. Ayane Sakura Sakura / Singer.
Canterella: CV. Ayake Bamboo / Singer.
Miko: CV. Azusa Tadora / Singer.000
Raki: CV. Ayashi Ohashi / Singer.Yurika
Manha: CV. Sashika Misawa / Singer. Arina
Stis: CV. Sakura Sakura Nakamura / Singer.
Harry: CV. Hiroshi Sakai / Singer. Shodai Takashi
Moudan: CV. Hiromi Igarashi
Zan=Esce: CV.
Theo: CV.
Clara Kelly: CV. Saori Ohnishi
Sinon: CV. Takutsu Tera island
Stuffka: CV.
Dolackria: CV.
Adi: CV.
Lulu: CV. Maika Ishimi / Singer.
Kamala: CV. Ai Kamikaze
Maxemus: CV. Hitasa Mountain Noi
Goetia: CV. Azure
Constance: CV. Samurai Yasaku
Helena: CV. Sayaka Ohara
Anjue: CV.

◆Relevant Information