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- Support for Android 9.

Mod Lite:
Languages: be, en, ru, UK
Platforms: arm7 +
Deeply optimized and cleaned graphics (and video)
Advertising services disabled
All ad units are hidden.
The application is untied from Google Services
Blocked analytics work. The metric is needed by the application.
Root rights detection detected
Signature changed

Yandex Search

Instant answers to all or any your queries on one Yandex app screen – prognosis, current traffic, breaking news, currency exchange rates, TV listings, running movies, nighest POIs. And you’ll be able to Yandex it for what to cook for dinner or whose song is taking part in on the radio. Type, speak or transfer an image to search out all the answers. Yandex your means through life:

• Check the prognosis and current traffic.
• Follow events in Russia and alternative countries; scan the most recent headlines for politics, economics, science, sports and alternative news.
• See places close to you on a map – ATMs, restaurants, stores and alternative businesses with contact details and dealing hours.
• Search along with your voice – faucet the mike and say what you’re searching for.
• Get your answers with prognosticative search – merely begin writing to select your answer from search suggestions.
• Follow video or image directions to place up a collection of shelves, cook a cut or do something you’ve got ne’er done before.
• sustain along with your mail – log into your Yandex account to receive new email notifications.
• scan QR-codes with the intrinsic scanner.

The Yandex app is presently offered solely in Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish.