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You are unveiling the potent “Xlsx File Reader with Xls Viewer” – a helpful app that gives users amazing functionality to view and read xlsx files without any hassles or complications. This exceptional xlsx viewer allows you to manage your charts, data analysis, and other spreadsheet elements, all while allowing you to view your workbooks.

About XLS Viewer

XLS Viewer is a powerful app that allows you to view, manage, and analyze Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with ease. Whether you’re a professional working with spreadsheets on a daily basis or an occasional user who needs to view and review Excel files, XLS Viewer provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features to enhance your spreadsheet viewing experience.

File Compatibility

XLS Viewer supports various file formats, including XLS and XLSX, ensuring compatibility with Microsoft Excel files of different versions. Open and view Excel files seamlessly, whether they are received via email, downloaded from cloud storage, or transferred from other devices.

Intuitive Interface

XLS Viewer features an intuitive interface that makes navigating and interacting with spreadsheets effortless. The familiar layout and toolbar allow you to easily access essential functions, such as opening files, navigating between sheets, zooming in and out, and searching for specific content within the spreadsheet.

Viewing and Presentation

View your Excel files in their original format and layout, maintaining the integrity of the data, formulas, charts, and formatting. XLS Viewer ensures accurate rendering of text, numerical data, dates, and other elements present in the spreadsheet. It also supports the display of graphics, shapes, and images embedded within the Excel file.

Spreadsheet Management

XLS Viewer provides a range of tools to manage and manipulate spreadsheets efficiently. Organize and navigate through multiple sheets within a workbook effortlessly. Copy, paste, and edit cell contents, including text, numbers, and formulas, with ease. Insert, delete, and format rows and columns to modify the structure of the spreadsheet as needed.

Advanced Functions and Formulas

Explore and analyze the data within your Excel files using XLS Viewer’s support for advanced functions and formulas. Calculate mathematical operations, perform statistical analysis, and utilize built-in functions to derive meaningful insights from your data. XLS Viewer ensures accurate computation and updates the results dynamically as you modify the spreadsheet.

Collaboration and Sharing

Collaborate with colleagues and share your Excel files easily using XLS Viewer. The app supports sharing options, allowing you to send the spreadsheet via email, messaging apps, or cloud storage platforms. You can also print the spreadsheet directly from the app, making it convenient for presentations and reports.

Data Filtering and Sorting

Effortlessly analyze and manage large sets of data with XLS Viewer’s data filtering and sorting capabilities. Apply filters to columns, enabling you to focus on specific subsets of data based on criteria you define. Sort data in ascending or descending order based on multiple columns, helping you organize and identify patterns within your spreadsheets.

Security and Privacy

XLS Viewer prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. The app operates locally on your device, ensuring that your Excel files remain secure and protected. No data is sent to external servers, guaranteeing the confidentiality of your sensitive information.

User-Friendly Tools

XLS Viewer offers additional user-friendly tools to enhance your spreadsheet viewing experience. Adjust the zoom level for optimal viewing, enable gridlines and column headers for better data organization, and customize the appearance of the spreadsheet with different color schemes and font options.

In summary, XLS Viewer is a comprehensive app that provides a seamless and feature-rich experience for viewing and managing Excel spreadsheets. With its file compatibility, intuitive interface, viewing and presentation features, spreadsheet management tools, advanced functions and formulas, collaboration and sharing options, data filtering and sorting capabilities, security and privacy measures, and user-friendly tools, XLS Viewer is an essential tool for anyone working with Excel files on their mobile device.

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