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WiFi Mouse Pro

You can relax on the couch and management taking part in moving-picture show within the comfort of your house.
Material style UI with Christmas theme, additionally has different three themes!
Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, remote desktop and trackpad mistreatment WiFi Mouse. it allows you to regulate your computer, waterproof or HTPC effortlessly through an area network association.

What will WiFi Mouse do for you?
➢ Wireless mouse
Support mouse left/right click and scroll, works as remote wireless mouse
➢ Wireless keyboard
Support robot system keyboard and simulate input device
➢ Wireless trackpad
Support faucet for click, 2 fingers faucet for right click, 3 fingers move for drag and drop,
and a lot of gestures.
➢ Handwriting gestures
Control your windows, media player and presentation with cool gestures.
➢ laptop remote controllers
Control media player, web individual, PPT/Keynote, windows, even termination your laptop.

WiFi Mouse features:
● Mouse movement and click on
● create scrolling
● robot keyboard or simulate full screen input device
● Voice to text to laptop
● several gestures
Tap,double tap,two fingers slide, 3 fingers drag and drop, four fingers slide
● laptop applications list and begin
● Media controller
Control several media player applications
● Presentation controller
Control PPT, Keynote
● Shutdown
Shutdown, restart, and logout your laptop
● Handwriting gestures
Handwriting gestures to regulate window, media player or presentation.
● Compatible with Windows/Mac OSX/Linux (Ubuntu).