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Whitebook – Prescrição e Bulário

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Free transfer the applying that’s the extent of your medical knowledge!

More than two hundred,000 users taking advantage of convenience and security in medical routine and decision-making across the patient.

✔ Offline: you’ll access the web even while not content.

✔ created by doctors: quite twenty physicians write the app content, supported reference books and main pointers.

✔ Constant expansion: quite 4000 topics updated content each month in models of prescriptions, diseases, medication and clinical management.

Internal drugs, Pediatrics, Surgery, tocology and medical specialty are enclosed to the broad-based pipelines Whitebook’s directions. essential content for all physicians.

This guide of prescriptions has quite three hundred prescription pointers for all users, and a Bulário vi,000 medications.
Including consulting the “ICD-10” and “SUS Procedures”.

The Whitebook evolved with you! additionally to the options that you just already grasp, because the guide of prescriptions and package inserts, the applying has distinctive options for Premium users:

➜ medicine ducts, medicine medication and medicine prescriptions;
➜ surgical Pipelines, trauma and surgical prescriptions;
➜ Guides diagnostic and sickness with diagnostic and therapeutic approach (ever-expanding);
➜ Antimicrobial Guide;
➜ Guides basic practices conducts emergency, medical care, medicine ward and specialties, and outpatient;
➜ Total 800 prescriptions within the full version of the application;
➜ ducts in tocology and Gynecology;

➜ quite 250 diseases in medicine in medicine.