• name
  • What a Legend
  • version
  • 0.83
  • file size
  • 670 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Magicnuts
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 5.0

What a Legend: An adult game based on a medieval fantasy world where interesting novel stories with sandbox art take you to a different world.

About What a Legend

“What a Legend” is an innovative and humorous mobile role-playing game (RPG) that combines the elements of a dating simulator with fantasy adventure. Developed by My.com B.V., this game takes players on a whimsical journey through a medieval world filled with challenges, romance, and unexpected twists. In this comprehensive description, we will explore the various aspects of “What a Legend,” including its gameplay, features, user experience, and the unique blend of storytelling that makes it stand out in the world of mobile gaming.


“What a Legend” introduces players to a medieval realm where they take on the role of a modern character unexpectedly transported to a fantasy world. The game combines humorous storytelling, engaging questlines, and romantic encounters, all set against the backdrop of a vibrant and eccentric medieval kingdom.


“What a Legend” offers a dynamic and diverse gameplay experience, including the following core elements:

  1. Character Creation: Players begin by creating their character, customizing their appearance and selecting their personality traits. The character’s choices influence interactions and outcomes in the game.
  2. Storyline: The game features a compelling narrative that unfolds as players progress. The story involves completing quests, solving puzzles, and engaging in humorous dialogue with various characters.
  3. Quests and Challenges: Players embark on a wide range of quests, each with unique objectives and challenges. These quests may involve exploring dungeons, rescuing princesses, or taking on quirky tasks befitting a medieval hero.
  4. Companion System: Throughout the game, players can recruit and build relationships with companions, each with their own personalities and stories. These companions can provide assistance during quests and offer romantic possibilities.
  5. Romantic Encounters: “What a Legend” introduces romance elements into the gameplay. Players can develop relationships with various characters in the game, leading to comedic and heartwarming interactions.
  6. Choice-based Storytelling: The choices players make throughout the game significantly impact the storyline and character interactions, leading to multiple branching paths and outcomes.
  7. Resource Management: The game includes resource management aspects, such as managing energy, coins, and inventory items, which are essential for progress.
  8. Mini-Games: “What a Legend” features a variety of mini-games that players can enjoy between questing and romantic interactions.

Key Features

“What a Legend” boasts several key features that contribute to its charm and appeal:

  1. Whimsical Storytelling: The game’s humor and clever storytelling create an engaging and lighthearted atmosphere, drawing players into the whimsical world of medieval fantasy.
  2. Romantic Elements: The incorporation of romance options adds depth and personalization to the narrative, allowing players to pursue their own love story within the game.
  3. Varied Quests: The diverse range of quests and challenges keeps players entertained as they explore the medieval world, rescue princesses, and engage with eccentric characters.
  4. Companion System: Building relationships with companions enhances the gameplay experience and offers opportunities for unique interactions and support during adventures.
  5. Choice-based Interactions: Player decisions shape the direction of the storyline, resulting in multiple possible outcomes and providing replay value.

User Experience

The user experience in “What a Legend” is designed to be immersive, humorous, and engaging:

  1. Humorous Storytelling: The game’s quirky and humorous dialogue and situations immerse players in the lighthearted medieval world.
  2. Engaging Quests: The diverse range of quests and challenges keeps players entertained, fostering a sense of adventure and discovery.
  3. Interactive Companions: Building relationships with companions allows players to connect with the characters in a meaningful and engaging way.
  4. Replay Value: The multiple possible outcomes and branching story paths encourage players to revisit the game to explore different choices and romantic storylines.

Impact on the Mobile RPG Genre

“What a Legend” has made an impact on the mobile RPG genre in several ways:

  1. Unique Blend of Genres: By combining a dating simulator with a medieval fantasy RPG, “What a Legend” offers a fresh and distinct experience in the mobile gaming landscape.
  2. Humorous Storytelling: The game’s humor and comedic storytelling have made it stand out, attracting players who appreciate light-hearted and engaging narratives.
  3. Romance Elements: The incorporation of romance options appeals to players who enjoy a more personal and emotional connection with the characters in their RPG adventures.
  4. Engagement and Replayability: The choice-based storytelling and multiple outcomes contribute to player engagement and replayability, ensuring that players return to explore different storylines and romantic connections.

In conclusion, “What a Legend” is a delightful and unconventional mobile RPG that brings together medieval fantasy, humor, and romance in an engaging and lighthearted package. With its choice-based storytelling, humorous dialogues, and a unique blend of genres, the game has carved a niche for itself in the mobile gaming industry. The impact of “What a Legend” is evident in its ability to offer players a memorable and entertaining experience, weaving together romance, questing, and humor within the enchanting world of medieval fantasy.

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