• name
  • Warm Snow
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  • 2.1.7
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  • 843 MB
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  • $7.99 Free
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  • requires
  • Android 7.0 and up

Warm Snow, a roguelike action game from the famous publisher BILIBILI will make you happy on every inch of the screen. Magical animations, explosive combat, eye-catching effects, and many new gameplay elements. If you love the roguelike genre, this is a newly released game that you cannot refuse.

About Warm Snow

Embark on a journey to search for the truth and end the never-ending darkness!

Increases character talent points

The warrior’s talent is expressed through a score system. There are many elements in it, depending on the stage of development of the character. For example, Speed, Sword Skills, Defense Skills, Endurance, and Health… these stats can be increased by absorbing items and relics obtained along the way.

When any stat increases, the character’s total talent score also increases, and the ability to resist and fight increases significantly. If you want to go deep and get to the end of the story, you will need a lot of time to focus on increasing this talent score.


A fantasy world inspired by feudal China opens. That was in the 27th year of Longwu. The kingdom was prosperous, people lived peacefully in large and small cities throughout the country. But, that is what it was, or perhaps appeared to be, before the real disaster struck.

One day, a strange phenomenon suddenly appeared. Snow fell high in the sky, not white, melting in the sunlight and making people cold, but red with an oppressive smell of death. When touching this red snow, the body will gradually heat up and the mind will quickly be burned. People exposed to this warm snow too much will sooner or later lose their minds, become murderous, and then become deformed and hideous monsters.

What’s more terrible is that this terrifying red snow never melts, nor does it mix with anything on the ground. Soon, the number of people infected with red snow became too large to control. They return to attack survivors and continue to spread at an exponential rate. It is rumored that this July snow can only be cured with blood. Only the bravest warrior in the world, who always lives with despair, and sadness and only knows war, has enough courage and cold blood to fight in the warm snow.

That person is you, a brave Bian warrior, who has been coldly trained since childhood to become the fiercest warrior.

Now, when most of the people around you have fallen, it will be the time for your journey to begin. Players will set out to fight and explore the land to find the truth behind the strange phenomenon of Warm Snow. At the same time, find a way to end this crazy darkness, once and for all.

Perhaps everything is related to a bigger incident that few people expected: the bloody and deadly struggle within the Five Great Families. Will this crazy world return intact? What prospect awaits our hero? Playing Warm Snow is the only way for you to find the answer.

Flying Sword, Warm Snow’s most complex and interesting skill

Warm Snow is not a place for you to witness simple Chinese sword fights. Surely there must be something more epic than that because the fantasy element of the Warm Snow phenomenon was not something ordinary people could withstand from the beginning.

The game therefore created a new way of fighting – FLYING SWORD. The colorful swords fluttered in the dark night, emitting shimmering light illuminating the screen, sticking straight into the monster’s neck, then soaring into the air and melting the red knot of warm snow.

The flying sword and skillful control skills are the ultimate weapons of the Bian warrior you are playing. When achievements accumulate, new swords are unlocked, making the sword warehouse thicker, and you can enjoy the many different properties of each sword.

Not stopping there, each type of flying sword also has its own attack index, speed, and attack mechanism. You will have to understand them before using them. Because if you use the right type of sword, your chances of winning can increase many times.

Roguelike action role-playing game for mobile platforms

Warm Snow takes players through the coherent progression of the unpredictable story just told in the form of roguelike action role-playing.

It is known that the game was designed from the ground up for mobile platforms. So there will be many different control factors than usual.

When you want to adjust the position and size of the control buttons on the screen, you can choose the Auto Dash feature. There is also a distance adjustment feature for players to be more comfortable with any screen size according to their own preferences. The game also offers the ability to automatically track enemies for new players. If you enable this feature, your character will automatically follow the target enemy, thereby making the combat experience throughout the game smoother.

Find out the truth about the world from “Fragments of Memories”

Before you, perhaps there were many people with the ambition to find out the truth behind that warm red snow. But almost all of them failed and died. As someone who continues the journey of fighting Warm Snow and searching for the truth about it, wouldn’t you want to know what the person before you found? This can help you shorten your journey.

So don’t miss any “Memory Fragments” found on the road. It could be anyone’s, and they all carry more or less important clues. Finally, putting them together, you will get a comprehensive picture of the origin of the Warm Snow tragedy, of the fierce struggle and cruel tricks that occurred between the Five Great Sects. The bitter truth will be revealed at the end of the journey.

Each time you rediscover the world, a series of new combinations will appear

The presence of many characters, and many faction elements, both confusing and orderly will certainly make a roguelike game attractive.

Warm Snow fully exploits this factor. Following the developments in the story events, you will learn about the 7 factions, each with its own series of symbolic artifacts, items, and relics.

Fight with different forces, collect, learn, and use holy properties combined with ancient artifacts and skilled skills, each time you fight you have something new to discover.

Every time you die and revive, starting from the beginning, the context, environment, monsters, and items appear differently, you feel like you’re entering a completely new game. The journey in the game is therefore always new no matter how many times you play it.

Download for Android Warm Snow APK free

Warm Snow is a deep roguelike role-playing game. You can enjoy a deep story, many branches, and countless monster battles with skillful flying sword techniques inspired by feudal China. Are you ready to become a Bian warrior to save the world?