• name
  • VCUT Pro
  • version
  • 2.6.7
  • file size
  • 44 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • VIDEOSHOW Video Editor & Maker & AI Chat Generator
  • mod features
  • VIP Unlocked
  • requires
  • Android 5.0+

VCUT Pro MOD APK is an app for editing and creating videos with interesting music and effects on mobile. If you want your virtual life to be promoted with cute and impressive videos, let’s download VCUT Pro to your device.

About VCUT Pro

Video maker app with music dubbing and trendy effects!

Video, the trend of the times

Busy life makes people have less and less time to read information with too many words or see too many pictures. Instead, people are more likely to empathize with a video with lots of beautiful images, fun transitions, and meaningful content. Not only for content creators, and online celebrities need to make interesting videos, but for everyone, everyone needs to follow this trend to live virtual with the new era.

If you need to create a beautiful, simple but fun video that everyone who looks at it likes and wants to watch, and doesn’t take too much effort to create and set up scenes, you can try VCUT Pro.

What is VCUT Pro?

VCUT Pro will help you create a video with music, and make a slideshow-like a pro along with transition effects, color overlays, stickers… youthful and modern on mobile.

Amid a lot of mobile video and slideshow-making apps, VCUT Pro emerges as a representative of Speed. Edit, create videos, and make slideshows with background music with VCUT Pro extremely quickly. The operation is simple and friendly. Almost anyone can use it well the first time. And you only need a few seconds to a few minutes to be able to slap or create your own video, then immediately share it on popular social networks.

The finished product is satisfactory, has a modern, highly aesthetic look, and looks like a professional editor.

It can be said that VCUT Pro’s ability to edit and create videos is quite strong. Videos from simple to complex can be processed in VCUT Pro. The reasonably designed interface also reduces the operation and video editing time, so it is much shorter than some apps with the same features I have used before.

Video-specific tools

Besides Filters, Effects, VCUT Pro provides you with many “materials” for you to make videos more vivid such as text, fonts, colors, frames, subtitles, slideshow.

When you need to do basic editing on videos, VCUT Pro provides a Video editing toolkit that includes tools to cut, combine, adjust light and dark, and adjust the frame rate. With this set of trimming features, you can make basic to advanced tweaks to your videos. To then proceed to the next effects or filter step.

Share your videos on social networks

The quick share button on VCUT Pro will help you quickly share your favorite video/slideshow work after creating, editing, and completing all stages. Video sharing in VCUT Pro happens instantly, links well with social networking sites, almost you don’t have to wait to upload your video.

Outstanding Filters and Effects

Whether you want to create a super short or a long clip, with or without sound, with effects or not, create from scratch or just edit on an existing video, a full video, or a slideshow, with it all. VCUT Pro can satisfy the need.

VCUT Pro has quite a variety of filters. But what attracts many users is the trendiness of the filters in this app. They all have a fashionable, high-art, minimalist look, but have very good aesthetic effects. There are no cheesy, out-of-date effects or creating a false sense of momentum. Everything is comfortable and modern.

Effects collection is also another strong point of VCUT Pro. The app has many beautiful Effects available, allowing you to add various effects to your videos. The effect in VCUT Pro is suitable for many types of video: spark video, vlog, or slideshow.

Effects in VCUT Pro generally include many forms like transition effects, effects on each frame… With all, you only need one touch of the screen to be able to apply any Effects to your video. Each effect is a marked difference from the others. After selecting the effect, you can drag the screen to adjust the level of the effect more or less to suit your eyes best.

Professional dub feature

In addition to the modern Effect and Filter set, the ability to professionally dub music is also a strength of VCUT Pro. In the app, there is a store of copyrighted music of all genres so that you can freely insert your videos and slideshows.

Not only provides a rich music store, but VCUT Pro also supports users in specific ways and gives tools for basic music editing after you have included the video like Fade in Fade out, customize the speed of the song.

MOD APK version of VCUT Pro

MOD feature

  • VIP Unlocked

Download VCUT Pro APK & MOD for Android

VCUT Pro is an app you should have on your phone to serve to create, edit and dub music for all your vivid videos and slideshows. Going virtual with video format will now become much easier and more flexible.