Added new card "END"!
Added new machine "NOSTALGIA"!
Improved optimization
Improved visuals and graphics
Improved water and interaction with it
Added new type of traps - stones
Updated mines and visuals.
Fixed a fall in the ground
Fixed moments when the camera at the time of death could look under the map
Fixed a balance of difficulty on the cards

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Get ready, you are waiting for amazing places with different dangers and interests. Collect bonuses on the map to open new cars, tuning and maps. On the cards you are waiting for mud puddles, crossing the river, traps, various objects and much more!

What awaits you:

– Excellent 3D graphics with flexible settings;
– Mode of missions with different tasks;
– A lot of different techniques, from the Zaporozhye to the caterpillar tractor;
– Scenic maps with their secrets and bonuses;
“Mars!” You will have a real Mars! How about you, Mask?
– Tuning machines, the height of the suspension, improve the engine, change the color of the car;

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