• name
  • Town Survivor
  • version
  • 1.7.8
  • file size
  • 130 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Nox Joy
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money
  • requires
  • Android 5.1

Playing zombie killing in Town Survivor is quite exciting. From fun graphics to zombie creations, as well as a variety of tools and measures to help you implement new defense strategies throughout your gameplay. This is the zombie game you should try if you want hours of fun tower defense entertainment.

About Town Survivor

Defend your town from zombies!


Town Survivor players take on the role of the leader of a small town. The surrounding world has unfortunately been engulfed in a zombie pandemic. The virus spreads everywhere, finally reaching your deserted town. Zombies from outside are flooding into the town in large numbers, with signs of increasing.

As the leader of the entire population, responsible for the survival of the town, you will have to execute a series of clever defense strategies to lead the people to deal with the massive waves of zombies. It’s quite difficult, because of limited resources and not much manpower, especially at night, when darkness covers the vision. However, there are always opportunities for those who persevere, and there is always a way out for talented leaders.

Balance defense and attack

Because zombies keep appearing, they come in more and more. Worryingly, it can also evolve to be more ferocious and scary. This means that as you develop, over time zombies will also develop, and the danger never becomes less difficult.

So along with good tactics + good management, players also have to improve their faction’s abilities. Initially, you can just stop at the passive level, reacting quickly when zombies attack. But as time goes on, we must be more proactive. Through building plans, customizing the town, collecting talents, and upgrading talents in the town, you will grow stronger day by day. And gradually move from passive to proactive. Only then can we deal with those increasingly cunning zombies.

Smart defense strategy is the first key

To defeat the massive zombie hordes out there, you need 3 “keys”. The first is a smart defense strategy. The second is how to intelligently manage resources, tools, and human resources. And the third is the ability to balance defense and attack to move from a passive position to an active one.

In particular, a complete, long-term defense plan from the beginning will help you advance the vision of safety for the town.

Defense strategy is how you arrange and arrange available defense tools and equipment in the most skillful layout. Ensure that once the zombies enter your town, they will be blocked from the beginning by a large wall. Then there are tons of traps of all kinds, combined with turrets and attack force to repel, not allowing any zombies to step foot into the depths of the town.

It’s easy to say but to allocate these items scientifically, you need a long-term strategy. Taking into account the weather situation, day and night also require different settings. At the same time, we must consider the strength of each zombie wave. Clear tactics are the best path to lead you and your men to effective defensive operations.

Skillful resource management is required

Resource management is the second key to success. First of all, you need to inventory all the things that are, will be, and could be in the anti-zombie journey.

Initially, the player only has a few basic things: bricks, wood, metal, and a few crude weapons. Based on this, you will plan your construction. Spend enough time and effort on the large barrier wall surrounding the town. Next is the construction of watchtowers, turrets, and important functional buildings.

In parallel with building new buildings and structures, it is necessary to extract a group of strong people to go out to exploit more resources and collect more fuel. Bringing back results will allow you to forge more weapons, invent traps, and get more resources for ongoing construction.

There is also the ability to collect coins through zombie-killing achievements to promote the creation of new weapons and equipment. There are additional magic spells scattered throughout the land. If you own them, you will have many powerful powers in your hands.

Carefully calculating resources and distributing them correctly will help you quickly complete the construction of the necessary vehicles and equipment for the upcoming battle. The more toys you have in hand, the better you fight zombies to collect huge amounts of coins, restructure, and constantly build your town.

MOD APK version of Town Survivor

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can buy and upgrade, even if you don’t have enough money and energy.

Download Town Survivor APK & MOD for Android

Town Survivor is a game worth playing. Creating funny and fun images, but the tactical requirements are not simple. Both entertaining and puzzling with such depth, it’s well worth spending hours enjoying.