• name
  • Tower of God: New World
  • file size
  • 1 GB
  • version
  • 0.0.1
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Netmarble
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android

Anime Tower of God, a popular webtoon with more than 6 million readers, has now been adapted into an attractive anime role-playing game called Tower of God: New World. Are you ready to enter this beautiful fantasy world?

About Tower of God: New World

Webtoon has become an indispensable part of popular entertainment, especially in Asian countries. Many stories have emerged, reaching the world thanks to this webtoon form. Many of them have been adapted into TV series, movies and even video games.

Tower of God: New World is one of a number of successful webtoon anime role-playing games, attracting a significant number of new players and fans of the original series. This mobile action role-playing game will give you an attractive option this summer.

The story

The plot in the original Tower of God story, if I finished it all, would be very long. When entering the game, everything has been simplified, keeping only the important line, leading to the prominent events of the entire story. To summarize, one can imagine the story in Tower of God: New World as follows.

The player assumes the role of Baam. This is just an ordinary boy, living with his family near the foot of a big tower. From birth to adulthood, he remained carefree without question about the presence and role of the tower. Baam couldn’t even imagine that one day his fate would be closely tied to this tower.

One day Rachel, Baam’s only best friend, is trapped in a tower. I don’t understand what happened and why Rachel went to the tower alone. Baam at that time simply thought that he had to find a way to free his best friend. He decided to go into the tower alone. From here on, a series of strange events and countless dark dangerous trials began to unfold before his eyes. With no way back, the only thing Baam can do now is to get through it all, reaching the higher floors of the tower in the hope of reuniting with Rachel.

The game Tower of God: New World also follows the same story structure. Players, starting as Baam, will heed the “call from the tower” and embark on a journey of discovery, battle and personal development through the higher floors of the mysterious tower.


Designed quite closely to the original webtoon version, Tower of God: New World has 3D graphics bold anime fresh, colorful. The controls are simple, but ensure accuracy and flexibility throughout the game. The ambition to recreate the heroic atmosphere but also full of romantic youth from the original anime has been partly successful.

There are quite a lot of unforgettable original contexts that are brought to players. Familiar favorite characters also reappear with unmistakable personalities, weapons, and looks. The confrontations between Baam, Rachel, Enryu, Phantaminum with the typical bosses of the story are also closely and delicately designed. Eye-catching effects, diverse character expressions, epic moves, in general the game offers a very eye-catching experience.

The inside of the tower where a series of battles between heroes and evil forces takes place is also carefully designed rarely. Each tower, each area on each floor has its own color characteristics and enemy system. For fans of the original anime series, an almost absolute respect for the principle will bring excitement from the very first level. For new players, who don’t know much about the original story, the uniqueness of each battle stage will take you from one surprise to another.

Idle combat, guaranteed to satisfy every player

To create more opportunities for players to experience the deep strategy of the game, while reducing the pressure of repetitive manipulation, Tower of God: New World supports the Idle Battle feature. Characters will automatically fight enemies when they come within a certain range.

Most of the effort, so it will be freed from cumbersome button presses and moves. Instead, you focus more on strategic thinking. Arranging character positions, choosing the right upgrades and making recruitment decisions at the right time are the keys to a winning outcome in the game. Note, the characters in the game depending on the original capacity will be divided by quality. Qualities determine the skill tree and upgrade system later. Understanding the original qualities of each person therefore plays an important role in the gameplay of Tower of God: New World.

The main character’s goal in Tower of God: New World seems pretty simple at first. But after discovering the same message of secrets in the tower of the empire, things may have turned in different directions. And to complete the final goal, you will have to complete a series of different tasks and challenges throughout the game. Sometimes, you need to collect special items. Sometimes, you need more allies. In another level, you are looking for a lost artifact. Or have to open the blood path to escape the encirclement of monster enemies.