• name
  • Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition
  • version
  • 3.0.5172
  • file size
  • 3 GB
  • price
  • $24.99 Free
  • publisher
  • HandyGames
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android

Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition is a collection of the original Titan Quest version with a collection of DLC and the latest technical and content updates. With just this game, you have every Titan Quest battle journey in Titan Quest. Let’s download this game now and save the world!

About Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition

Immerse yourself in the epic worlds of Titan Quest!

A complete edition of Titan Quest

If you’ve ever heard of the 2006 blockbuster Titan Quest and want to experience this large-scale strategy game from Greek mythology. Now it’s your chance.

Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition is a special version, designed specifically for mobile platforms. The content includes the complete original Titan Quest game, along with all DLC released since then, and a series of important technical updates.

With just this game, it can be said that all the most complete, classic, and intact experiences have been brought to mobile players.

What DLC is included in Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition?

All DLC ever released for the Titan Quest series will be included in this Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition collection for mobile. Includes Immortal Throne with the great villain of Greek mythology. Players will have to attack Cerberus, decode Tiresias’ prophecy, and fight fiercely with companions Agamemnon and Achilles.

DLC RAGNARÖK revolves around the story of the Demigod of War. You will be taken to the frozen Nordic region with the task of conquering the Celtic kingdom and the Asgardian gods.

DLC Atlantis is about an intrepid explorer searching for the mythical sunken kingdom of Atlantis through a journey across the Mediterranean and a series of epic, unpredictable battles.

DLC Eternal Embers lets you play a hero summoned by Emperor Yao. You will have to be present in the East of the kingdom to fight against a group of demons of unknown origin that are seriously destroying the entire land. Finally, you realize that these are not ordinary demons but come from Qiong Qi, a mysterious ancient shadow. There are many other sinister plots after that and you are the only one who can reveal the truth.

Save the world before it’s too late

According to Greek mythology, it is said that there were primitive gods who lived at the legendary Mount Olympus. They consist of 12 people, holding in their hands all the elements of power that govern the operation, development, and existence of the whole world.

These Titans were then betrayed and usurped by a group of other gods, also residing on Mount Olympus (led by Zeus, the god Zeus that we often hear about). After many intense battles, the Titans were finally defeated, most of them were later imprisoned forever in Tartarus prison, the end of hell, forever unable to return to their original status.

That great battle of Titanomachy had a lot of hidden stories going on inside. Digging deeper into mythology, many people believe that normal gods under Zeus alone cannot defeat the ferocious Titans. So in that battle, in addition to the gods, there were many brave heroes of the human world helping. One of them are demigod, and the rest are normal people.

Titan Quest players take on the role of one of those human heroes, joining forces with the gods in that year’s Great War on Titan. If you contribute to creating victory, you can gloriously save the human world and vice versa.

So how could a brave man, a human hero, do such extraordinary things?

Why does the human hero become an important part?

Each god encounters an obstacle and can only localize his power in a certain area. Intelligence, beauty, ocean, fire, water… and these local powers, when compared to the corresponding powers of Titan, clearly sometimes lose.

In it a demigod or a human hero, which is not limited to the natural elements. They are both capable of close combat and can take advantage of long-range combat skills and many other useful support items. This point surprised the Titans and made them unable to react in time. Human heroes thus become unpredictable factors on the battlefield.

The path to becoming a hero

Thus, to be a hero to save the human world, you will need to travel to many places around the world, searching for all possible resources. Then focus on your skills, martial arts secrets, and important weapons. Finally, conquer a group of legendary creatures to create an unparalleled fighting army, fighting with you to the end with the mighty Titan.

Don’t forget, in the ancient mystical world of Greece, there are many ancient magics that have been hidden. If you find and utilize them properly, your combined power can sometimes even surpass that of a god.


Traveling through a series of majestic and legendary lands like the vast Pyramids, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Great Wall, the Tartarus Arena, and countless other famous locations, players will have to face many unequal enemies. They are huge, with strong physiques and powerful skills. They are all the most ferocious Titan villains in Greek mythology.

Your mission is to force these Titans to kneel and surrender. So take advantage of everything you have and skillfully deploy combat focuses. In particular, you must identify the enemy’s critical weakness. Every Titan, no matter how strong, has a weakness in its body that if you attack it continuously, the battle will quickly end with victory in your favor.

In addition to the skill system, martial arts, weapons, and pets mentioned above, don’t ignore the extraordinary ancient items and ancient magic array. They will greatly improve your fighting ability and find the fighting style that suits you best.

Download Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition APK for Android

You will have legendary swords, thunder hammers, universal bows and arrows, health potions, and a ton of magic at your fingertips. Skillful use of these items can bring terrifying synergies to your enemies.