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  • The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales
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  • 0.0.1
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  • Free
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  • Com2uS
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  • Android

Have you ever played a zombie killing game based on the famous TV series The Walking Dead? It is also combined with a combat role-playing style through match-3 puzzles. It seems that these differences cannot be reconciled, but the reality in The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales is completely different.

About The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales

“The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales” is a mobile puzzle game that combines the thrilling and dramatic world of “The Walking Dead” franchise with the addictive gameplay of match-3 puzzle games. Developed by Scopely, this game offers a unique blend of story-driven narratives and strategic puzzle-solving within the post-apocalyptic universe of “The Walking Dead.” Below is a detailed description of “The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales”:


  1. Match-3 Puzzle Mechanics: The core gameplay of “The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales” centers around match-3 puzzle mechanics. Players must match three or more identical tiles (typically items or resources relevant to the storyline) by swapping adjacent tiles. Matching tiles allows players to progress through the game, solve puzzles, and make decisions that impact the narrative.
  2. Story-Driven Gameplay: One of the standout features of this game is its integration of the iconic “The Walking Dead” storyline and characters. Players follow a gripping narrative that unfolds as they progress through various levels. The decisions made during gameplay can have consequences for the characters and the story.
  3. Resource Management: Beyond the match-3 puzzles, players often need to manage resources critical to survival in a post-apocalyptic world. These resources may include food, weapons, medicine, and shelter. Managing resources effectively is essential to ensuring the survival of the characters.
  4. Character Interactions: Players can expect interactions with well-known characters from “The Walking Dead” series, such as Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, and others. Choices made during conversations and interactions with these characters can impact the storyline and relationships.
  5. Decision-Making: Just like in the TV series and comics, decision-making plays a significant role in “The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales.” Players face moral dilemmas and must make choices that affect the story’s direction and the fate of the characters.
  6. Puzzle Challenges: As players progress, they encounter increasingly challenging match-3 puzzles that require strategic thinking and planning to overcome obstacles, defeat walkers (zombies), and complete objectives.
  7. Familiar Locations: The game often features settings and locations from “The Walking Dead” universe, providing fans with a sense of familiarity and nostalgia as they explore iconic places.
  8. Survival Strategy: Players need to strategize to protect their group of survivors from walkers and other threats. This includes fortifying safehouses, managing supplies, and making tough choices during crises.
  9. Community Building: Building and maintaining a community of survivors is a key aspect of gameplay. Players aim to grow their community, gather allies, and strengthen their collective chances of survival.

Graphics and Atmosphere

“The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales” typically features a mix of 2D artwork and visuals inspired by the comic book and TV series. The game often captures the grim and tense atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world, complete with eerie sound effects and music.


The game typically follows a free-to-play model with in-app purchases available for resources, boosters, or cosmetic items. Players can progress through the game without making purchases, but microtransactions offer convenience and faster progression.

Please note that specific details and features of “The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales” may vary depending on updates and versions of the game. This description provides a general overview of the typical elements you can expect to find in a match-3 puzzle game set in “The Walking Dead” universe.

Download The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales APK for Android

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales is the slice you’re missing if you love post-apocalyptic games. Explore, team up, fight hard and expand into new territories. This will be an exciting and unique match-3 game for you.