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Today, users may have to spend a large amount of money on international calls, especially calls in the US and Canada. To make it more convenient to communicate by phone with people in countries around the world, TextNow MOD APK was born to support users to text and call for free.

About TextNow

TextNow is a versatile communication app that offers free texting and calling services. It allows users to send text messages, make phone calls, and even video calls, all without the need for a traditional mobile carrier. Let’s explore the features and functionalities of TextNow in more detail:

Free Texting and Calling

TextNow provides users with a dedicated phone number that they can use to send and receive unlimited text messages for free. Users can also make and receive phone calls within the United States and Canada without any charges. This makes TextNow an excellent option for individuals who want to save money on their communication expenses.

Custom Phone Number

With TextNow, users can choose a custom phone number based on their preference or select from a list of available numbers. This feature allows users to personalize their communication experience and make it more convenient for friends, family, and contacts to reach them.

Voicemail Transcription

TextNow includes a voicemail transcription feature that automatically transcribes voicemail messages into text format. This makes it easier for users to quickly read and understand their voicemails without the need to listen to audio recordings.

Picture and Video Messaging

In addition to text messages, TextNow supports the sending and receiving of picture and video messages. Users can share multimedia content with their contacts, enhancing the communication experience and allowing for more dynamic and expressive conversations.

Call Forwarding and Call Forwarding on Busy

TextNow offers call forwarding options, allowing users to redirect incoming calls to another phone number or device. This feature ensures that users never miss important calls and can stay connected even when they are not actively using the app.

International Calling and Texting

While the app primarily focuses on free communication within the United States and Canada, TextNow also offers international calling and texting services at affordable rates. Users can easily stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues around the world without incurring high international calling charges.

Ad-Supported and Premium Versions

TextNow is available in both ad-supported and premium versions. The ad-supported version allows users to access all the basic features of the app for free, supported by occasional advertisements. The premium version, called TextNow Premium, removes ads and provides additional features such as call forwarding and voicemail transcription.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

TextNow is a cross-platform app, meaning it is available for use on various devices and operating systems. Users can access their TextNow account and messages seamlessly from smartphones, tablets, and computers, allowing for greater convenience and flexibility in communication.

TextNow offers a reliable and feature-rich communication platform that empowers users with free texting, calling, and messaging capabilities. Its user-friendly interface, customizable phone numbers, and additional features make it a versatile app for individuals seeking a cost-effective and convenient communication solution.

MOD APK version of TextNow

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With the information that we share, you probably get to know a part of the benefits that TextNow brings. Let’s consider and try this great application! You will not be disappointed.