• name
  • Tales of Neverland
  • version
  • 1.0.0
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  • 102 MB
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  • Free
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  • requires
  • Android 5.0+

Tales of Neverland is your chance to enjoy classic fairy-themed RPG on the vertical screen of your mobile device. As the hero who saves the world, you can adventure with your powerful allies and fulfill your great wish.

About Tales of Neverland

Explore a world of wonder and enjoy an incredible adventure!

The story of a hero in a fairy tale world

In Neverland, everything is associated with magic and powerful spirits. To become a good hero, one must have these two elements.

Tales of Neverland players will play a hero, shouldering the responsibility of saving the world. The Queen of Darkness has risen. She wants to drag the whole world into eternal darkness. This means that the happiness, peace, and inevitable existence of all living things in this world will disappear.

No one, no force can withstand the current power of the Queen of Darkness. There is only one hero, the last hope of the land, YOU, along with your trusted companions, will defeat the Queen together, ensuring the whole world will no longer be threatened again, forever.

Fairy tale theme but with a modern style

Classic role-playing can be considered the oldest and richest genre on all gaming platforms. Developers have used many different methods to exploit specific aspects of this segment. Sometimes it’s the gameplay, the fighting style, sometimes it’s the story, and sometimes it’s the context and characters. In Tales of Neverland, what makes the difference is the theme.

This game chooses a fairy tale theme but brings a modern style to create its own story. You can both enjoy the nostalgic feeling that comes from the game genre and admire the new way it is installed on the fairy tale background. This combination makes players curious, familiar, and equally excited to know what will happen next. This is a great motivation that makes you unable to stop playing the game even though you are familiar with the gameplay.

Unique costumes and accessories

Although it takes place in the context of a fairy tale world, Tales of Neverland exudes a cheerful modernity. Money earned from successful battles can help you unlock more new outfits, accessories, and equipment. With 11 ingredients and hundreds of options, players can freely mix and match to express their maximum creativity.

Tales of Neverland therefore doesn’t feel too old or too ancient. In each scene, no matter which character you play, you will find something new and modern in the gameplay and character costumes.

Having all the features of a typical role-playing game

First, to talk about the attraction in Tales of Neverland, we must talk about the classic gameplay. The game fully inherits the necessary features of a traditional role-playing game. These include side-scrolling gameplay, combat activities, leveling up, adding magic, and then moving on to collecting power-up items combined with exploring and hunting for treasure.

But besides those classic details, the game is not afraid to introduce many new features, giving players a contemporary feeling, exactly like playing on mobile. For example, a vertical screen, a companion, or a unique outfit style that allows you to freely mix and match with a powerful soul-summoning feature to increase your winning percentage.

With such a good mix, it’s not surprising that many players enjoy this mobile role-playing game.

Many hero classes

One of the notable modern features in Tales of Neverland is that the game allows players to choose multiple hero classes at the same time. During the game, if you feel that the initially chosen class is no longer suitable, you can completely switch to a new class. Each class will also have strengths, weaknesses, and a different weapon and equipment upgrade system like a typical RPG game. However, by skillfully combining classes or choosing a more suitable one, you can bring more competitive advantages to yourself.

The hero’s special soul-summoning ability

Every class has this special Soul Summoning ability. In the world of Neverland, in addition to magic used to fight, each hero, regardless of class, can cast spells to summon the souls of heroic warriors scattered everywhere to fight with you to the end.

These souls are quite cute and have somewhat sensitive fighting abilities. So if you choose, approach, and tame a strong soul, then use special spiritual food to nourish it, you will have an army of friends who can quickly defeat all enemies.

Download Tales of Neverland APK for Android

If you love fairy tale-themed RPGs but also require a modern look with trendy features, give Tales of Neverland a try. The game is available on APKMOD.CC from today!