• name
  • Survivalcraft
  • file size
  • 16 MB
  • version
  • price
  • $3.99 Free
  • publisher
  • Candy Rufus Games
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 4.1 and up

You are marooned on the shores of an infinite blocky world. Explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons, make traps and grow plants. Tailor clothes and hunt animals for food and resources. Build a shelter to survive cold nights and share your worlds online. Ride horses, camels or donkeys and herd cattle to protect them from predators. Blast your way through the rock with explosives. Build complex electric devices. Possibilities are infinite in this long-running sandbox survival and construction game series.

About Survivalcraft

Survivalcraft is a highly immersive sandbox survival game that thrusts players into a vast and dynamic world of adventure and exploration. Developed by Candy Rufus Games, this game offers a unique blend of creativity, survival, and discovery as players navigate through a richly detailed environment filled with diverse landscapes, wildlife, and resources.

Open-World Sandbox

Survivalcraft presents players with an expansive open-world sandbox environment, allowing them to freely explore and interact with their surroundings. The game features diverse biomes, including forests, deserts, mountains, oceans, and more, each with its own distinct characteristics and resources to discover.

Survival and Crafting

The core gameplay revolves around survival and crafting. Players must gather resources from their environment, such as wood, stone, and minerals, to create tools, weapons, and shelter. They must also manage hunger, thirst, and other vital needs to stay alive in the challenging and dynamic world.

Wildlife and Hunting

The game world is populated with a variety of wildlife, including animals like wolves, bears, lions, and more. Players can hunt these animals for food and materials, but they must also beware of predators that can pose a threat to their survival. The realistic animal behavior and interactions add depth and realism to the gameplay.

Building and Construction

Survivalcraft offers a robust building and construction system, allowing players to design and construct their own structures, from simple shelters to elaborate homes and fortresses. The game provides a wide range of building materials and customizable options, enabling players to unleash their creativity and build unique structures.

Farming and Agriculture

To sustain their survival, players can engage in farming and agriculture. They can cultivate crops, raise livestock, and harvest resources to create a self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystem. Farming adds an additional layer of gameplay depth and enables players to expand their resources and food supply.

Dynamic Weather and Day-Night Cycle

Survivalcraft features a dynamic weather system and a realistic day-night cycle. Players must adapt to changing weather conditions, including rain, snow, storms, and more, which can impact gameplay and survival. The day-night cycle affects visibility, creature behavior, and the overall atmosphere of the game world.

Exploration and Discoveries

The game encourages exploration and discovery as players venture into uncharted territories, uncover hidden caves, and stumble upon secret locations. Players can find valuable resources, rare items, and even ancient artifacts that reveal the history and lore of the game world.

Customization and Modding

Survivalcraft offers extensive customization options, allowing players to personalize their character’s appearance and customize the game world. The game also supports modding, enabling players to modify and enhance their gameplay experience with user-created content and modifications.

Multiplayer and Sharing

Survivalcraft supports multiplayer gameplay, allowing players to connect with friends or other players in cooperative or competitive modes. Players can share their creations, explore together, or engage in multiplayer challenges, adding a social and collaborative aspect to the gameplay experience.

In summary, Survivalcraft is an immersive and feature-rich sandbox survival game that offers a captivating experience of exploration, creativity, and survival. With its open-world sandbox, survival mechanics, crafting and building systems, wildlife interactions, dynamic weather, exploration and discoveries, customization options, and multiplayer capabilities, Survivalcraft provides an expansive and engaging gameplay experience that appeals to players seeking adventure, creativity, and strategic survival challenges.