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  • PIProductions
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  • Android 5.0

Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor is a 3D mobile game that can be considered a more dynamic and visually enhanced version of the popular game Among Us. It combines elements from Among Us, Werewolf, and Squid Games to create an exciting, fast-paced puzzle game that’s easy to play but difficult to master. The game’s streamlined mechanics and beautiful 3D graphics offer a fresh take on the social deduction genre.

Introduction to Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor

A brief 3D version of Among Us!

What Makes Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor Special?

If you enjoyed Among Us but found its 2D graphics and repetitive gameplay a bit lacking, Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor will impress you with its polished 3D visuals and simplified yet engaging gameplay. The developers have taken inspiration from various popular games, merging their best features into a unique experience that feels both familiar and new.


The entire game takes place aboard a large spaceship. Players are divided into three main roles: Crew Members, Impostors, and Neutrals.

  • Crew Members are responsible for maintaining the spaceship and ensuring it continues to function smoothly. They must work together to identify and eliminate the Impostors before the spaceship is overtaken.
  • Impostors are hidden killers among the crew. Their goal is to eliminate all the Crew Members without being discovered.
  • Neutrals are bystanders with no clear allegiance. They perform various tasks around the ship but must avoid being mistaken for Impostors.


In Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor, each role comes with distinct objectives and strategies:

Crew Members

As a Crew Member, you must perform tasks related to the spaceship’s operation while staying vigilant for any suspicious behavior. When a murder occurs, the crew gathers to discuss and vote on who they believe the Impostor is. The person with the most votes is ejected from the ship, regardless of their actual role. The Crew wins if all Impostors are identified and removed.


Impostors must covertly eliminate Crew Members without drawing suspicion. They need to strike when the moment is right and blend in during discussions to avoid detection. The Impostors win if they manage to kill all the Crew Members without being discovered.


Neutrals have the seemingly simple task of performing various ship-related activities. However, their lack of clear allegiance makes them prime suspects, increasing their risk of being voted out. Neutrals must carefully navigate the game’s dynamics to avoid suspicion and survive.

Playing with Others

Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor offers an interactive experience with players from around the globe. You can engage in various game modes, including Classic Play and Challenge Mode on the Leaderboards. The game also supports real-time visual chat, allowing you to communicate with other players and strategize during matches. Additionally, you can connect with local players to enhance the social experience and improve communication.

Download for Android Super Sus APK

Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor takes the beloved mechanics of Among Us and elevates them with stunning 3D graphics, diverse roles, and streamlined gameplay. Whether you’re a fan of social deduction games or looking for a fresh, engaging mobile experience, Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor is sure to provide hours of thrilling gameplay. Join the fun, and see if you can outsmart your friends and foes in this fast-paced, space-themed adventure.