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Google+ 10.19
Google News 5.7.0
Google Duo 44.0.223xx
Google Photos
Google Play Services 14.7.99

[substratum.]Streamlined Night & Day.

** Currently the ‘themed Apps’ are Limited check before you buy **

This theme only works from Substratum app, only OMS is supported due to issues with Stock 7.1.1(in future legacy will be supported again). This theme will detect Lucky patcher.

Streamlined, a new theme from SnN. Making icon design a mesh between simplicity and style, We aim to cover all possible icons that are themeable. If you enjoyed the Light version and want something darker Streamlined Night here is for you.

Currently Themed apps in beta:

AOSP and Google Dialer
AOSP Contacts.
AOSP and Google Calculator
Google Hangouts(Theme Ready only)
Google Plus(Theme Ready only)
Google Keyboard
Google Messenger
Google Keep
System apps
Softkeys & Smartbar


Substratum Team.
Vectaling tool used for some morphing.
Juraj Novák for SVG to vector tool.
Dejan for nexus 6p mock.