• name
  • Streets of Rage 4
  • file size
  • 1.7 GB
  • version
  • 1.4
  • price
  • $5.99 Free
  • publisher
  • Playdigious
  • mod features
  • DLC Unlocked, God mode, Unlimited Stars
  • requires
  • Android 9 and up

Streets of Rage 4 Mod APK is a classic beat’em up with hand-drawn comic-inspired visuals and improved gameplay that continues the Streets of Rage heritage.

About Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 is a beat ’em up video game developed by Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games. The game is a sequel to the classic beat ’em up series, Streets of Rage, and features modern graphics and gameplay mechanics while staying true to its roots. The game can be broken down into several categories:


Streets of Rage 4 is a side-scrolling beat ’em up game. Players can choose one of several characters, each with their own unique moveset and special abilities. The game features a wide range of enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Players can use basic attacks, special moves, and combos to defeat enemies and progress through the levels.


Streets of Rage 4 takes place 10 years after the events of the previous game. The city has been taken over by a new criminal organization, and it’s up to the heroes from the previous games, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding, as well as new characters Cherry Hunter and Floyd Iraia, to take back the streets.


Streets of Rage 4 can be played in local or online multiplayer modes. Players can team up with up to three other players to take on the game’s levels together. The game also features a battle mode, where players can fight each other in one-on-one battles.


Streets of Rage 4 features an original soundtrack by a variety of composers, including Yuzo Koshiro, the composer of the original Streets of Rage games. The soundtrack features a mix of electronic, hip hop, and rock music.


Streets of Rage 4 features hand-drawn graphics with a retro feel. The game’s levels are filled with vibrant colors and detailed backgrounds, and the character designs are faithful to the original games while also incorporating modern elements.


Streets of Rage 4 features a variety of challenges for players to complete. These challenges include completing levels within a certain time limit, defeating a certain number of enemies, and collecting hidden items. Completing challenges earns players rewards, including new characters and costumes.


Streets of Rage 4 is a modern take on the classic beat ’em up genre. With its gameplay, story, multiplayer modes, music, visuals, and challenges, the game offers players a variety of ways to experience the Streets of Rage universe. Whether playing alone or with friends, players can enjoy the game’s fast-paced action and retro-inspired visuals while taking on hordes of enemies and saving the city from criminals.

MOD APK version of Streets of Rage 4

MOD feature

  • Mr. X’s Nightmare DLC Unlocked
  • God mode
  • Unlimited stars