• name
  • Standoff 2
  • version
  • 0.25.1
  • file size
  • 2 GB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • mod features
  • Mega Menu
  • requires
  • Android 6.0 and up

First-person shooter Standoff 2 Mod APK honors its predecessor. Grab your favorite gun and join 200 million other gamers worldwide.

About Standoff 2

Standoff 2 is a popular first-person shooter (FPS) game for mobile devices and PC, developed by Axlebolt. It is a sequel to the original Standoff game and has gained a large and dedicated player base. The game combines elements of tactical shooting, teamwork, and competitive gameplay, offering an engaging and intense multiplayer experience.

Multiplayer Action

Standoff 2 focuses on online multiplayer battles. Players can team up with friends or join random matches to engage in intense shootouts.

Variety of Game Modes

The game typically offers various game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Defuse the Bomb, Capture the Flag, and Arms Race. Each mode presents unique challenges and objectives.

Maps and Locations

Standoff 2 features a variety of maps with diverse settings, from urban environments and industrial complexes to rural landscapes. Each map offers different opportunities for strategy and gameplay.

Arsenal of Weapons

The game includes a wide range of realistic firearms, from pistols and shotguns to rifles and sniper rifles. Players can choose their preferred weapons and customize them with attachments.

Character Customization

Players can often customize their in-game character with different skins, outfits, and accessories, allowing for a unique appearance on the battlefield.

Tactical Gameplay

Standoff 2 emphasizes tactical gameplay, requiring players to work as a team, communicate, and coordinate their actions to achieve victory. Team strategy and map control are essential.

Competitive Rankings

The game often includes a competitive ranking system, where players can climb the ranks by winning matches and improving their skills. High-ranking players are matched with similarly skilled opponents.

Voice Chat

Voice chat functionality allows players to communicate with their teammates during matches, enhancing teamwork and coordination.

Spectator Mode

Standoff 2 often features a spectator mode, allowing players to watch ongoing matches and learn from top-tier players or friends.

Esports Scene

Some versions of the game have an active esports scene, with tournaments and competitive events where skilled players can showcase their abilities and compete for prizes.

Regular Updates

Developers frequently release updates to introduce new content, including maps, weapons, and skins, while also addressing bugs and improving gameplay.

Cross-Platform Play

Standoff 2 typically supports cross-platform play between mobile devices and PC, enabling players to compete against a broader player base.

User Experience

Standoff 2 is designed to provide an immersive and competitive experience for players. Its easy-to-learn controls, combined with a variety of gameplay modes and customization options, make it accessible to both casual gamers and FPS enthusiasts.


Standoff 2 offers a thrilling and action-packed FPS experience on mobile devices and PC. With its focus on multiplayer battles, tactical gameplay, and a wide selection of weapons and maps, the game has attracted a dedicated player community. Whether you’re looking for intense competitive matches or cooperative gameplay with friends, Standoff 2 delivers an engaging and dynamic FPS experience in the palm of your hand or on your computer screen.

MOD APK version of Standoff 2

MOD features

Speed Hack
Air Jump
Money Hack
No Recoil
Drop Knife
Fast Defuse
Fast Plant
Game Menu:
Kill All
Mass Kill
Skin Changer Menu:
Karambit Gold
Karambit Klaw
Karambit Sketch
Karambit Frozen
Tanto Knife
Tanto Dojo
Tanto Yakuza
Tanto Malachite
Tanto Pearl Abyss
Tanto Flow
Butterfly Legaci
Butterfly Starffal
Butterfly Black
Butterfly Storm
Visuals Menu:
Wire Frame
Chat Menu:
Spam Chat