• name
  • SSSnaker
  • file size
  • 909 MB
  • version
  • 1.2.7
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Habby
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money, God Mod, High Damage
  • requires
  • Android 4.4 and up

SSSnaker lets you play as a snake, starting to crawl around to hunt. Become a giant super snake that can destroy all lands you pass through.

Introduction to SSSnaker

Turn into a snake and hunt everywhere!

You are always interested in the subject of hunting in the role of some powerful beast. Play SSSnaker, the feeling of being on top, being able to hunt and hunt others will rise madly in you. With fast gameplay, and bright hi-tech graphics on the vertical screen, this will be a game completely different from the games you have ever experienced.

Turn into a snake to hunt and play like a shooter

Belonging to the roguelike action genre, SSSnaker requires players to transform into mischievous snakes. You will directly control all activities of this snake to help it crawl skillfully, launching a series of different tricks to hunt all prey in the kingdom. Eating a lot of bait, the size of the snake becomes larger, and at some point, its weight, strength, and destruction can collapse any land it passes through.

But that is the final goal. Before you get there, you have to struggle to survive on hunting trips from big to small. The uniqueness of SSnaker is in its action like no other. Have you ever thought that the snake you are controlling, besides crawling, and sniffing its prey, can do anything? The unthinkable happens right here – it can shoot. To be more precise, it shoots projectiles from its assembled upper body parts, like a shooter. SSnaker is a Snake X Bullet Hell-style game. Does this strange format excite you? This unique feature alone, SSSnaker is enough to attract millions of players.

SSSnaker also has a clear roguelike mechanism. You can make your own item choices to help the snake progress further. However, if bad luck dies during hunting trips, you will have to play from the beginning, keeping only a certain number of weapons, the rest will be lost.

Due to its pressured gameplay and bizarre high-speed shooting, SSSnaker becomes a game that is not easily subdued, but at the same time full of dramatic appeal.

Upgrade your snake’s firepower

After a certain number of levels according to the design of the game, you will be added a new skill. From the original normal snake that can only shoot and wriggle around, through many levels you will get the ability to shoot fire bullets, shoot ice balls, increase fire rate, and increase firing range. Later, there are also slow, fast, and powerful bombs to trap tons of enemies. There are even two or three rounds called kaleidoscope bullets that increase maximum firepower for some important turrets on the body.

Compared to constantly eating the bait, this upgrade method is equally effective. It can help you shorten your time and save your fighting power significantly.

Increase snake size to giant

To live and thrive, your snake will need to eat food constantly. Its food is smaller prey, snakes will use “self-gun” to shoot down the bait and absorb energy from them and grow.

At the beginning of the game, you are just a modest-sized snake. But this is no ordinary snake. Its body is originally made up of many small pieces put together, each part functions as a miniature turret capable of firing automatic bullets when it detects an enemy. Playing SSSnaker is mainly about skillful movements and tactics of encircling prey, as all firing has been conducted automatically in such a way that self-fire at the nearest object within the firing range.

You will use your subtle observation, and flexible reaction to continuously touch, drag, and move on the screen. Help the snake move quickly and accurately around the game screen area to constantly reach the object and shoot them down in the shortest time. Be careful, the game is not easy, because in each setting there are many static or dynamic obstacles. They can appear anywhere, at any angle at any time, and make you overwhelmed.

The bonus for hitting the prey object is that you will increase in size in length. More precisely, they will destroy and their corpse will turn into a new cannon. So you will have more firepower to support your snake hunt. Both bigger and stronger. However, this also has pros and cons.

The advantage is that your bombardment is increased through trophies. So later, when you meet strong, persistent enemies, you still have a chance to win and collect a huge amount of artillery. The time to kill the enemy is also faster than shortening the journey to becoming a superior snake.

The downside of increasing in size is the confusing, more roundabout movement. This leads to difficulty avoiding collisions with obstacles or, traps, obstacles on the road. But every time you hit these items, you will gradually lose a part of your body, which means you lose firepower.

In the end, this is a typical roguelike shooter. You will need to be mentally prepared to deal with increasingly stronger waves of enemies. They are crowded, dodgy, and unusually large and small. You will need to be highly focused on every game screen to ensure flexible movement and minimize damage to yourself. Don’t forget to continuously increase your firepower by approaching your prey unscrupulously. By fulfilling these two requirements at the same time, you can help your snake grow up and stay safe.

Tips for new players

So far, in my personal experience, to reduce the number of deaths and loss of guns, you should move according to the circle strategy. Slowly lock on to the target, reduce the number of casualties in the outer circle, and dodge more orderly. This way will help you observe everything that is happening, cluster the target audience so that it is difficult for them to escape, and minimize the situation of collisions and pitfalls along the way.

The second method is to move in the horizontal or vertical 8th arc. With moving in a circle, you can do many initial levels. However, when it becomes too long and cumbersome, you should change to a new tactic, like making a figure 8. While taking advantage of the advantage of length to create 2 circular arcs that lock the object, it is both neater and easier to manage.

MOD APK version of SSSnaker

MOD features

  1. Developer Tool
  2. Debug Feature
  3. Custom Snake Level and Star
  4. Custom Aritfact Level
  5. No item No Currency can use
  6. No internet can play
  7. Skip Guide

Download for Android SSSnaker APK

Fiercely sniping and killing tens of thousands of enemies in this game of snakes, with its pulsating sound and glowing state-of-the-art shapes, SSSnaker will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen even for a minute.