• name
  • Spider Fighter 2
  • file size
  • 170 MB
  • version
  • 2.27.3
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Starplay DMCC
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money
  • requires
  • Android 5.1+

Spider Fighter 2 is an AAA shooting fighting game inspired by Spider-Man but mixed with many other interesting everyday elements. You will control the spider hero who fights non-stop in attractive 3D levels. The main goal is to destroy all the criminal gangs that are controlling this city.

About Spider Fighter 2

Fight villains and criminals in your city!


Everything in Spider Fighter 2 starts pretty simply. You are in the role of Spider-Man, one of the famous legendary superheroes. Spider Fighter 2 is a role-playing fighting game set in the vast AAA world, more specifically, dynamic New York City.

In this bustling city, the flashy development and prosperity still cannot hide the deep cracks that signal the danger of breaking up at any time. This danger comes from a series of criminal gangs that are trying to control, blockade, and clamp down on all aspects of society, life, the economy, and even the safety of all residents. The government was powerless. Only waiting for the intervention of a superhero are you, the brave Spider-Man, always fighting hard for justice.

3D graphics

Although it is only a small game, with a streamlined mission, and simple and understandable goals, the feeling of playing Spider Fighter 2 is very satisfying. You will witness the extremely eye-catching ’em-up beats, the distance combat is also full of excitement.

The 3D environment is not smooth in some places, but in general, it is quite lively and creates good interaction with NPC characters. The impressive point will be the array of AI enemies that are a bit smart. They can counter your moves quickly, and also learn some forms to dodge and attack you back. The boss is also quite impressive with powerful attacks, each hit is significantly drained.

Skill training, already strong superhero is stronger now

In the spacious AAA 3D environment of Spider Fighter 2, you will be free to control your Spider hero to move around to perform tasks in the game. There will be many different missions waiting for you: stop criminals, destroy terrorists, block mafia gangs, and rescue innocent people. With each level having its own mission, the way to proceed, move and weapons will also be different.

Spider-Man already has a few private skills that launch webs to cling to all different surfaces, using silk to launch to fight enemies. But that’s still not enough. Because the enemies are numerous, especially since the number is still high and the AI is of great caliber, you need to constantly defeat your opponents to accumulate more experience, and strength, and raise your hero to higher levels.

Along with new levels, passive and active perks and superpowers will unlock giving you unexpected abilities. Accumulate continuously and you will see, the enemy can no longer react when facing you.

In the beginning, it was just flying and jumping, fighting, face-to-face between villains and gangsters. However, through the victories obtained, especially the boss battles, the Spider’s strength in you that has been restrained for a long time is now unleashed to its fullest extent. Flexible melee attacks are gradually unlocked, and long-range combat with weapons and spider webs is also increasingly diverse and skilled. Even the steps of climbing, clinging, jumping, wall swinging, the distance of the web, and the thickness of the web also increase with the level of the character’s level.

Thanks to these level-ups and unlocks, you will be able to attack enemies at both close and long-range, gain many advantages on the battlefield, and have a remarkable record of achievements.

MOD APK version of Spider Fighter 2

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Money does not decrease.

Download Spider Fighter 2 APK & MOD for Android

Overall, Spider Fighter 2 is an easy-to-play, fun-to-play beat ’em up action role-playing game. Quite commendable for the AAA 3D environment that works well on many mid-range phones. If you love Spider-Man, download Spider Fighter 2 to play now.