• name
  • Soldiers Never Die
  • file size
  • 227 MB
  • version
  • 1.1.7
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Mofish, Inc.
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money
  • requires
  • Android 5.0

Soldiers Never Die, a colorful cartoon-style magic shooter game that will make you satisfied with its quick, definitive gameplay.

About game Soldiers Never Die

Many shooting action games put you in a dark situation, with breathtaking combat. Really makes you feel pressured. If one day you want to get rid of that pressure, compromise with lighthearted fun gameplay with a bit of irony but still ensure a bustling drama from beginning to end, try playing Soldiers Never Die.

Soldiers Never Die sets the stage quickly to keep players entertained. The story begins when artificial intelligence begins to rebel. They control the robots, turning into an elite army. They are extremely aggressive, sweeping everywhere, attacking the creators of the AI themselves, invading the borders of many countries around the world.

Governments from all over the world are joining forces in the fight against this threat called AI, but it doesn’t seem easy. All mere human effort now seems to be weakening. Humanity is in danger. The coalition government is calling for a last glimmer of hope.

That is You. As the adventurous soldier David, you are summoned by the United Nations to ask for help. Because out there, gangs of robots under the control of artificial intelligences are rebelling, and human armies can’t fight them.

David accepts the job of protecting the world from the expanding wave of AI. Because he himself did not want to stand by and watch humanity perish.

Alone, the tenacious warrior David used all the most advanced weapons of human civilization to fight the hordes of robots spread across world cities. Not only weapons, all equipment and skills are unleashed to the fullest to repel the Robots and stop the brutal AIs behind.

Can you defeat them all and return peace to humans? Or will humanity soon perish and be destroyed? It all depends on David’s talent and spirit.


From the game context, it can be seen that Soldiers Never Die will directly put you in a long battle against thousands of enemies at the same time. You will have to find a way to destroy them, in large numbers, pass many levels and proceed to destroy the AI control completely.

As warrior David, you will fight on many fronts. Each level is a different wave of enemies, one after the other that appear to attack you. Initially, you only use a few modern gun weapons. After the achievement of killing robots, many new weapons will open, with much greater destructive power.

In addition to advanced weapons, mostly speaking guns, David also has the opportunity to upgrade to many different skills. The ability to fight increases at the same time with more supporting equipment such as armor, helmets, vehicles to help flexibly escape the enemy encirclement. Perform high speed tactical combos including: Weapons + Equipment + Vehicles + Skills, you will go as far as you can in this game.

Battle on a variety of maps

Governments have given up. You will need to battle through many city maps around the world to wipe out the remnants of robots. At each place, hidden behind everything is an extremely intelligent and flexible AI system. Defeating this AI is considered as overcoming the boss and clearing the map, then switch to a new map.

In each place, the vertical screen context not only changes color and feeling, but also different types of robots, and AI controls. They can be strong, attack speed and combat ability different. By clearly seeing the weak points of each enemy on the map, you will have a corresponding response plan. Quickly implementing these strategies will help you quickly pass the scene to advance to more intense levels.

MOD APK version of Soldiers Never Die

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds