• name
  • Sol Frontiers
  • version
  • 0.0.1
  • file size
  • 1 GB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Early Morning Studio
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android

In SOL FRONTIERS you captain the JONAH’S WHALE, dispatched on a perilous mission to uncover the fate of the lost Dahlia and to piece together the fragments of a cosmic puzzle. Awaken your crew and expand your mothership. Navigate through haunting space graveyards, confront the sinister SWARM, and face the lurking DEEPER DARKNESS that threatens more than just humanity’s return.

About Sol Frontiers

The battle at the center of the sun, an idle sci-fi game with an attractive theme!


Sol Frontiers is a special explanation for the famous saying “the darkness left by the moon”. But whether it is the sun, or any particular planet, everything has its glorious surface and its uncertain shadow. Every border contains countless mysteries within it. What’s important is how much we understand those dark shadows or how far people are willing to go to understand them.

The story in Sol Frontiers begins many millennia after the sun has truly faded, bringing the Earth into the cold, eternal darkness. The flame of hope, the light of civilization, the warm sun that shined on all of that long journey have disappeared.

To survive or at least have enough strength to cross the galactic boundary to find a new habitable planet, humans must make a long journey to find the cradle of life. It is the solar planet. They need to go there to find out what happened to cause the sun to suddenly go out.

A place in the center of the sun, called THE CROWN OF DAHLIA, is where you and your crew will go. You need to collect evidence, clues and fight heroically to answer the question of who stole Dahlia.

Resources can also make astronauts stronger every day

The stronger the ship, the more confident the crew. The crew warriors themselves can also upgrade their strength and weapons by creating many useful items from the resources collected above. Weapons, armor, masks, and many other equipment will help your team of warriors strengthen day by day and be ready for every battle.

Collect resources to make the entire spaceship stronger

There were no plans from the beginning of the trip because the universe is inherently vast and full of unexpected things. The first thing you wouldn’t expect is that you can find a lot of diverse resources during space flight from diamonds, crystals, to special metal mines. They are a precious gift the galaxy bestows upon the lucky.

You will take advantage of all these resources to upgrade the spaceship, reinforcing important positions on the ship to make it more solid, durable and sturdy against all dangers. In particular, the weapons and guns mounted on the ship. Use unique, heavy metals found only in space to create highly destructive bullets for later battles.

Important role in dangerous mission

Participating in the game in Sol Frontiers, you will be a talented leader of the spaceship JONAH’S WHALE. Taking on a particularly dangerous mission related to the future destiny of all humanity, you will go to the center of the sun, approach The Crown of Dahlia to learn all the truth.

By piecing together the cosmic puzzle, piloting your spaceship, leading your crew through dark space graveyards, and battling countless sinister cosmic shadows called SWARM, you will gradually have the opportunity to face the ultimate darkness, the source of the destruction of the sun, pushing people into the current tragedy.

Use collective strength for each discovery

There are many missions to explore, fight, and investigate clues in Sol Frontiers. Each time, you will send a group of crew and warriors out into the field. A group will consist of a maximum of 18 people on the list. According to your policy, they will take turns carrying equipment and weapons with them, separate on the ship to go out to explore different areas on the surface of the sun.

There will be many battles happening because the enemy, which wants to bring eternal darkness to the entire galaxy, is lurking everywhere and trying to prevent you from bringing them to light. With each battle, your crew’s skills will skyrocket. The more intense and random the battles are, the more enemies there are, the more crew experience points will increase accordingly.

Download Sol Frontiers APK for Android

Will you discover the layered secrets that cover the sun? Can you overcome the evil intentions that create darkness for the whole world or will you be swallowed by them and extinguish the last ray of hope for humanity? This idle sci-fi game will help you discover your own future.