Smart Booster – Pro, No-ads

Clean, quicker with good Booster Pro!
Accelerate your phone up to a pair of times!

Clear garbage:
– Delete any garbage that takes up area on your device.
– Delete duplicate files.
– Delete unused APK files.
– take away ad residues from the device.
– take away similar files.
– Delete previews.
– take away all spare garbage.

Device booster:
– Stop defective running services within the background.
– realize the applications that occupy Ram memory.
– Detects issues that cause the device to cut down and cut down.
– Solve general issues.
– realize issues that cut down your device.
– Accelerate your phone or pill.

Device cooler:
– Stop defective applications that cause your device to heat up.
– realize defective services that heat the device within the background.
– Resolves heating of the phone or pill.
– Fixes defects that usually heat your device.

Other Features:
– No ad-contain!