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  • 20240701
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Sleep as Android is a unique smart alarm app featuring sleep cycle tracking. If you haven’t found the most effective way to wake up, give Sleep as Android a try.

Introduction to Sleep as Android

A smart alarm clock app with built-in Sleep Cycle Tracking!

Your daily alarm can impact your entire day.

Surely, all of us have faced many troubles with our alarm methods. Too loud and you’ll startle, leading to drowsiness throughout the day; too soft and it won’t wake you up, causing you to oversleep. Therefore, the quality of your alarm greatly affects your health and mental well-being throughout the day.

This is a critical dilemma that holds significant importance in the long run, as users are forced to choose from numerous options to find the right method.

Sleep as Android was developed and born to solve these problems, helping you improve sleep quality and better your mental health.

What is Sleep as Android?

Sleep as Android is a smart alarm clock application with built-in sleep cycle tracking designed to help you wake up gently and start your day with more energy after a good night’s sleep. This amazing app wakes users up with a gentle yet effective method. Sleep as Android is also a tool for checking your sleep health, monitoring your sleep cycle, and thereby improving your mental health.

Sleep as Android Helps You Sleep Better

We often toss and turn each night with numerous thoughts swirling in our minds. Even after counting to ten thousand sheep, sleep may still elude us. Sleep as Android will soothe your mind and completely relax you with natural sounds such as rain, flowing streams, birdsong, and white noise. You’ll quickly fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

Never Worry About Oversleeping

Do you often oversleep? Regular alarm sounds may fail to wake you up, as you may easily turn them off and fall back asleep. Sometimes, you might not even remember how you turned off the alarm. No need to worry! Sleep as Android will make sure you wake up. You won’t be able to simply turn off your alarm anymore, as the app will require you to solve puzzles, captchas, math problems, etc., to turn off the alarm sound.

Sleep Cycle Tracking

This app integrates sleep cycle monitoring, allowing you to better understand your sleep patterns and overall sleep quality. Sleep as Android also offers the exclusive Sonar feature (non-contact ultrasound), eliminating the need to keep your phone close by thanks to advanced peripheral connectivity.

Moreover, it supports wearable devices like Wear OS, Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, or PineTime, expanding your options. Additionally, the app provides a comprehensive sleep quality assessment through various indicators and states.

Snoring Analysis

Sleep as Android utilizes modern artificial intelligence technology to record and analyze breathing patterns during sleep. It even records your snoring and analyzes it to provide helpful advice on how to reduce snoring.

Sync with Health Services

Furthermore, Sleep as Android automatically syncs with popular health services like Google Fit or Samsung Health to ensure a holistic approach to your health. The app also features a variety of soothing melodies and can connect to Spotify and iTunes for an enjoyable musical experience that never gets old or repetitive.

MOD APK version of Sleep as Android

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Premium Unlocked

Download for Android Sleep as Android MOD APK

Simple tasks, easy to use by anyone is a bright advantage of this application. With intelligent biological alarm features and a health sleep cycle monitoring system, this will be an extremely important assistant for your health.