- Reduce APK size by 50%
- Minor bug fixes.

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Simple Radio Player is the simplest way to listener and discovery the best radio stations around the world. No aerial is required, only an internet connection. Free Live FM Radio Stations, AM Radio and Internet Radio Online.

Why choose Simple Radio Player?

With over 40,000 free radio stations

It’s really easy to find any stations on the world. You can search by country, genre or station name.


• Thousands of radio stations in your pocket
Tune into the best music, sports, news and talk radio from all over the world.

• Simple and easy to use
Simple Radio Player has a beautiful and simple to use interface based on Google’s
Material Design

• Listen in your car
Connect Simple Radio Player via Bluetooth to your car and listen to radio stations on the go!

• Loading times are FAST
No Buffering or Interruptions. Simple Radio Player loads quickly and uses caching to reduce the amount of data used.

• Powerful search engine
You can search radio station by country, genre or station name.

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Thanks for trying Simple Radio Player. If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected]