• name
  • Shield Hero: RISE
  • version
  • 0.0.1
  • file size
  • 1 GB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Eggtart
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android

Shield Hero: RISE has the full name The Rising of the Shield Hero: RISE, developed based on the original anime of the same name. If you are a longtime fan of the series or a player who loves diverse role-playing gameplay, try Shield Hero: RISE.

About Shield Hero: RISE

Attractive role-playing game based on famous anime

With inherent popularity and a significant audience, famous anime series are often turned into games. If done properly, suitable for the majority of players, comprehensively recreating the original story, such a quality anime game can easily have a great advantage on all platforms.

If you want to know what a game adapted from an anime will look like, and whether the playing effect will be as exciting as when watching a movie, you can choose to try Shield Hero: RISE.

The voice cast comes from the original film

Not only does it recreate in detail every setting, character, move, and outfit from the original story, Shield Hero: RISE also invites the voice cast of the original anime to voice the characters in the game.

While playing, you will hear familiar sounds and voices from voice actors like Ishikawa Kaito or Matsuoka Yoshitsugu. It’s like watching and playing at the same time, it feels very familiar and real.

Recreate a unique anime world

From the story idea, setting and characters in the original anime story called The Rising of The Shield Hero, the game has successfully recreated almost all major details and developments in the game.

It all started when the tide suddenly rose. The whole world, peaceful for thousands of years, gradually shows signs of collapse. The wave of natural disasters shows no signs of stopping but is becoming more and more aggressive, as if being controlled by some force to swallow everything.

In this chaotic situation, legendary heroes from around the world were hastily summoned. The mission of the heroic army is to defeat the evil waves and find the source of the chaos. Bearing the responsibility of redeeming humanity, you, the leader of the heroic army, will have to undertake a great and arduous journey. If you win, you will save everyone, make your name in history or, conversely, become a sinner for thousands of years.

Mobile game from anime with diverse gameplay

The world of Shield Hero: RISE is considered to be close to the original film. With a deep setting, rich and attractive characters, and diverse gameplay, Shield Hero: RISE is one of the anime-based games you should try.

In Shield Hero: RISE, players, whether they are anime fans or have never watched anime before, are easily satisfied when witnessing the meticulous anime aesthetic and the countless strategic paths that can be taken during gameplay.

You can adjust the talents of your characters and build your own hero squad. You also have full freedom to choose combat tactics that suit your play style. The inherent freedom of the game has created the diverse and ever-changing gameplay of Shield Hero: RISE.

A reliable companion when traveling through time

Based on a special ancient magic, you and your band of warriors will be able to go back in time, edit events and create change in the present and the future. However, it is not a simple journey. Although it seems very romantic on the outside because it is poeticized through the interactions of the characters, you will need a companion.

As players go through events and battles, building relationships with their companions, the strength of solidarity becomes many times higher than that of individual warriors. So it can be seen that one of the most important tasks for players is to help their heroes collect many brave companions. This will be the source of great strength to help you defeat countless raging waves out there.

Develop and freely customize heroes

Through battles with natural disasters and the dark forces behind them, players will be able to change a character’s unique stats, for example adjusting shield stats, bow stats, etc. This feature allows you to maximize your team’s performance, help revive teammates, or become a strategic focal point of some kind.

Freely customize heroes through missions, constantly changing stats and combining them together, you will gradually find the fighting style that best suits you.

Download Shield Hero: RISE APK for Android

Shield Hero: RISE is an easy-to-play, easy-to-like game. For both fans of the original animated film and newcomers, this is an action role-playing experience of commendable richness.