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  • Android 6.0

Screen Translate is a handy and practical tool designed for foreign language learners, travelers, or individuals working in diverse, international settings. With Screen Translate, users can swiftly search for words they encounter, seamlessly translate sentences directly from their phone screens with ease and convenience.

Introduction to Screen Translate

Welcome to Screen Translate, your versatile tool for capturing, translating, and interpreting text from your device’s screen in real-time. With Screen Translate, language barriers become a thing of the past as you effortlessly translate text from any app or website with just a few taps. Whether you’re traveling, studying, or communicating with friends from around the world, Screen Translate empowers you to understand and interact with text in any language. Let’s explore the key features and functionalities of Screen Translate that make it an essential companion for anyone seeking seamless multilingual communication.

Instant Text Translation

Screen Translate offers instant text translation directly from your device’s screen. Simply capture a screenshot of the text you want to translate, and Screen Translate will automatically detect and extract the text for translation. With support for over 100 languages, you can translate text in real-time and instantly understand its meaning.

Text Recognition and Extraction

With Screen Translate’s advanced text recognition technology, you can extract text from images, screenshots, and camera captures with unparalleled accuracy. Whether it’s printed text, handwritten notes, or text within images, Screen Translate quickly identifies and extracts the text for translation, making it easy to understand and interact with text-based content.

Multi-Language Support

Screen Translate supports over 100 languages, allowing you to translate text between languages with ease. Whether you’re translating from English to Spanish, Chinese to French, or any other language pair, Screen Translate provides accurate and reliable translations to facilitate communication and understanding across language barriers.

Offline Translation

Enjoy offline translation capabilities with Screen Translate’s offline mode. Download language packs for offline use, ensuring that you can translate text even when you’re not connected to the internet. Whether you’re traveling abroad or in an area with limited connectivity, Screen Translate provides seamless translation assistance whenever you need it.

Customizable Translation Options

Tailor Screen Translate to suit your preferences with customizable translation options. Choose your preferred translation engine, adjust translation settings, and customize the appearance of translated text to enhance readability and comprehension. With flexible translation options, you can optimize Screen Translate to meet your specific translation needs.

Instant Dictionary Lookup

Expand your vocabulary and deepen your understanding with Screen Translate’s instant dictionary lookup feature. Simply tap on any translated word to view its definition, synonyms, and usage examples, allowing you to learn new words and concepts effortlessly as you translate text.

Cross-App Integration

Screen Translate seamlessly integrates with your device’s screen capture functionality, allowing you to translate text from any app or website with ease. Whether you’re browsing the web, reading emails, or chatting with friends, you can quickly capture and translate text without switching between apps, streamlining your translation workflow.

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Screen Translate is a powerful tool for capturing, translating, and understanding text from your device’s screen in real-time. With its instant text translation, text recognition and extraction, multi-language support, offline translation capabilities, customizable options, instant dictionary lookup, and cross-app integration, Screen Translate offers a comprehensive solution for overcoming language barriers and facilitating multilingual communication. Download Screen Translate today and unlock a world of possibilities for seamless translation and interpretation on your device.