• name
  • Save The Pets
  • file size
  • 67 MB
  • version
  • 3.6.17
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Bravestars Global Publishing
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 5.0

Save The Pets is fun puzzle game. Use your hand to touch the screen to draw roads to create the safest path for your pet to go home without being stung by bees along the way.

About Save The Pets

Save The Pets is a mobile game that falls under the category of puzzle games. It is a casual and addictive game where players are tasked with rescuing pets trapped in various challenging situations. The game features a variety of levels with increasing difficulty, each with unique obstacles that players must overcome to save the pets.

Find your way home, dodge the bees in one stroke!

When you were a child, you used to play a game of finding the way on paper. With just a single stroke, don’t lift your hand. The difficulty of this game is to think and calculate how to avoid all obstacles, and at the same time visualize the outcome of each option, in the shortest time.

Who plays on paper anymore? Instead you can play a similar game but on your own mobile, which is also integrated into a lovely little context with cute cute characters: dogs. Let’s see what Save The Pets game has for us.


The gameplay in Save The Pets is simple yet challenging. Players must use their problem-solving skills to figure out the best way to rescue the pets in each level. The game features various tools such as ropes, balloons, and trampolines that players can use to help the pets reach the exit safely. The game also features different types of obstacles such as spikes, lava, and electric fences that players must avoid to prevent the pets from getting hurt.


Save The Pets features a wide range of pets that players can rescue, including dogs, cats, birds, and even fish. Each pet has its own unique abilities that can help players progress through the game. For example, cats can climb walls, while birds can fly over obstacles.


To make the game more interesting, Save The Pets features power-ups that players can collect to help them rescue the pets. The power-ups include speed boosts, shield protection, and extra lives.

Graphics and Sound

Save The Pets features colorful and cartoonish graphics that are appealing to players of all ages. The game also features a fun and upbeat soundtrack that enhances the overall gameplay experience.


Save The Pets is a fun and addictive puzzle game that is perfect for casual gamers who enjoy a challenge. With its unique levels, variety of pets, and power-ups, the game offers hours of entertainment. If you’re looking for a game that will test your problem-solving skills while providing a cute and entertaining experience, Save The Pets is a game worth trying out.

Download Save The Pets APK for Android

Playing Save The Pets is a great way to pass the time anywhere, especially when the break is short. Lovely characters, simple gameplay, moderate brainstorming, moderate difficulty, Save The Pets is a casual puzzle game worth trying.