RunPlan is an application used to plan your upcoming races and training sessions. It is a place to store the running you intend to do over the next few weeks and keep track of your future races. You can also connect with friends to view their upcoming schedule, possibly to join them in their next race or training session.

Sessions and Races pages show you the running you have planned starting from the start of the current week. Use the mileage counters for this week and next week to get an idea of the mileage you are signing up for and plan sessions accordingly.

Add road, track, cross country or trail running races and see a countdown of how many days or weeks until each race along with a record of your target time for each race to give focus.

Add your training sessions and tag them with intervals, tempo, long run, easy or steady to see a quick overview of whats coming up. You can also give your training session a custom tag. Use the application to visualise what you intend to do over the next couple of weeks and make sure that it fits together nicely.

Select 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon from the distance selector or else enter your own custom distance in miles or kilometres. Add detail such as location or sign up date. When adding sessions, you can include warm up, main set and cool down information for extra detail in your training sets.

Connecting with friends is a great way to see what your running friends have in store. View their next training session and see a list of their upcoming races.