- The exclusive vehicle animation is available.
- Sniper Rifle Adjustments: Damage to limbs and from long distance for semi-automatic snipers has been increased. Increased AS VA bullet damage;
- Rifle Adjustment: Reduced recoil of the QBZ rifle;
- Music is now available in the Prep Zone of Ghillie Island;
- Optimized power consumption. Reduced power consumption when players are on the lobby interface;


  1. “APK” install it on your device.

  2. “com.netease.chiji” folder “android / obb” copy into.

  3. Enter the game.


Welcome to the theater of RULES OF SURVIVAL.
You will be one out of one hundred twenty unarmed players WHO get air born into a massive, deserted island. solely the last one survives.
Remember, your safe zone is decreasing. you’re athletics against gas spreading, enemies shooting, and ultimately death chasing.
You could either fight alone or type atiny low group to four players. Collect weapons scattered, arm yourself to the teeth, wield your knowledge and ways, loot gear from the unfortunate.
Alert !!! this is often not with regards to a game. this is often a couple of life & death fighting.

【Game Feature】
Run or Fight!
– Absolute truthful play in an exceedingly huge HD map.
Last Man Stands!
– Solo or team mode in an exceedingly one hundred twenty survivor’s battle.
Pick and Use!
-Variety of firearms and accessories.
Fast and Furious!
– Drive vehicles across completely different terrains.

it is not a game. you’re writing RULES OF SURVIVAL!