• name
  • Rotaeno
  • version
  • 1.11.3
  • file size
  • 828 MB
  • price
  • $2.99 Free
  • publisher
  • X.D. Network
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 6.0 and up

Rotaeno is a heart-pounding, thumb-tapping, wrist-flicking rhythm game that fully utilizes your device’s gyroscope for an unprecedented musical experience. Rotate your device to hit notes as you soar through the stars. Drop into your headphones and immerse yourself in the kick beats and stellar synths of this astronautical adventure!

About Rotaeno

But all will be surprised by the absolute quality of his unique deep and gentle gameplay that makes anyone who experiences it both admiringly and passionately.


The plot of the game is described in a slow, gentle way about a school girl named llot on the planet Aquaria, following the main character we will be conveyed a story full of humanity and emotion.

In her long adventure, she will travel through different stars and planets – home to new friends, new unexplored lands, separations, and a search for a promised land, all will connect thanks to the endless rain of sounds of life. This will be a long journey of love, hope, and life with llot’s belief in saving everything you love. That is very moving.

For common music games, where players will always have to press the arrows in different directions, coming to Rotaeno has been uniquely innovated, before starting a song, gamers will Have to keep the center of the circle while clicking on the other small music icons, in turn, slide down continuously to the tune, making gamers feel like they are sitting on a roller coaster.

This design always makes gamers highly focused with a few flexible skills when the speed of surfing according to the characters is quite fast, not to mention you also have to tilt the screen in the direction that the game requires, making the player have to be quick if you want to make long and impressive combos.

And yet, the higher the level, the higher the level will be, and the more challenges will make you have to hold the screen back and forth and press the button continuously to achieve as many combos as possible.

Although it sounds a bit confusing, it is actually through a little practice and observance that you can completely master the gameplay, which is not difficult when the interface and controls have been adjusted by the developer and are as comfortable as possible for the user. The only thing that is a bit inconvenient is that for those who use a large screen or an Ipad, it will make playing feel a bit inconvenient.

Graphics and sounds

Although the music is centered, the graphics are not sloppy when the characters are in Japanese anime style, combined with the deep tones and a little light, making the overall picture presented for players extremely impressive.

In addition, with different song themes, there will be separate and diverse visual effects, combining the above advantages, Rotaeno can be said to be a beautiful art picture that makes anyone look at it.

Music is the soul and essence of the game, it is not surprising that the feedback from gamers through experience is encapsulated in two words: masterpiece. Many songs are created exclusively by the producer and released with different genres from EDM, KPOP, Opera, or JPOP, all of which must be said to be a lot of numbers right from the time the game was released, and still future updates are obvious with the firm confirmation from the developer X.D Network.

It must be said that the writer himself had a hard time putting down the headphones when the melodies from songs like Infinity Heaven or The Promised Land were really convincing because of the melodious melody, satisfying any players.

Download Rotaeno APK & MOD for Android

Once again, developer X.D Network did not disappoint fans with his somewhat bold work. Rotaeno deserves to be a top-notch music game when from beginning to end, any player who experiences it will be in tune with the endless waves of sound, from one emotion to another, coming with a wonderfully touching story and difficult but extremely addictive gameplay.