Few Fixes
Earlier Releases:
– Increased Video Length Support
– Major NEW FEATURE – Make Reverse Videos from Existing Gallery Videos. Reduced APK Size
– Improved Playing of generated Video
– Improved Video generation time
– Fix in Video Player. Default Music changed. Fix for availability in more devices
– Fix in Video deletion
– Improved Audio Selection
– New Feature: Speed control of video i.e. Frame rate control. Processing optimization of the Reverse Video.

PRO feature unlocked

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Reverse Video Movie Camera Fun Premium

Reverse Video camera : the simplest Reverse Video Camera on Android!! Walk backwards, Magic Backflip, Jump Backwards, Dance Backwards, and far more! Its real fun!!

Enjoy your life moments creating even additional with Reverse camera! one among most amusive and funniest rewind video editor app. Trick your friends and fair-haired ones with doing video tricks sort of a backflip, connection a teared paper and far more! place your artistic talents to full use with backwards camera.

No Limits, App is totally FREE! NO WATERMARK!!

>>>> options <<<<

➜ Backwards Camera : Record from your camera & it as if by magic creates Reverse Video. once backwards cam records the reverse show, you’ll choose the whole show or a region to be reversed. you furthermore mght use varied camera options like effects, fx, pinch/zoom, brightness, flash etc to form the simplest movies.
➜ Supports reverse video of pre-recorded Videos from Gallery. Video editor choices such as you may choose a region that you’d wish to produce into a rewind video.
➜ Add your favorite singer soundtracks / music album songs from your device to reverse camera. you’ll record while not music conjointly and keep the sound mute in your reverse video show.
➜ quick access to output Gallery for viewing reversed Video maker files. constitutional Video Player support. Watch & Play your recordings. Rewind videos area unit listed supported creation date. If needed, you’ll conjointly delete the reversed videos.
➜ Get Social ! Share your reverse video clips with Friends on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, twitter, Whatsapp, email, art gallery etc
➜No Watermark on the movie!
➜ very straightforward to use with trendy UI
➜ No knowledge property needed. All rewind video show process is finished on the golem device. process is finished optimally to form the simplest movies.
➜ Fun for complete family and a requirement transfer to form reversed videos like backflips, walking backwards and additional.

Experience the magic djinni of Reverse Camera ! Its supernatural technology. Get the simplest video reverser app today!