• name
  • Return To Earth
  • version
  • 0.5
  • file size
  • 126 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Minidragon
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 5.0+

From space back to Earth, this journey has never been simple. Sometimes, it even contains many potential dangers. Return To Earth shows this more clearly with the countless fierce battles that players need to overcome before finding their way back to the motherland.

About Return To Earth

Pretty cool sci-fi shooter RPG for mobile!

Just start with a laser gun

Initially, you only have a laser gun in your hand. Further supported by the automatic combat built into the game. What you need to do is navigate accurately and choose smart moves to effectively attack groups of enemies.

There are many types of enemies in Return To Earth. They again come in groups, at the same time attacking you from different directions on long corridors. You must stay calm, choose the best direction for you to both take advantage of the weapon, and not push yourself into the middle of a dangerous circle.

Fortunately, during the battle, players will gradually open up new laser weapons, with better firing power, high speed and the scale of influence will also gradually expand. Using these special guns, along with smart movement skills, you will be able to go down to the next floors, getting closer to Earth.

Space combat context

Playing Return To Earth, you play the role of an astronaut who takes on a mission to explore strange planets. Now that the mission is complete, you are on your way back to Earth.

However, you will have to go through countless large corridors attached to a long deep space elevator. Wherever you go, there are strange monsters that stand in your way. To reach the homeland, you are forced to fight continuously, overcome a series of traps. And then discover a sinister plot is aimed at you.

Not only is the way back not safe, but it seems that the fate of the Earth is also in danger. Do you have enough strength to climb down to the bottom of the seemingly endless space elevator? Can you stubbornly fight for hours against countless strange enemies of unknown origin?

Many levels

Return To Earth only uses 2D graphics but is powerful enough to create a fierce and clear battle scene. Good contrasting color tones, highly detailed design, players are not afraid of confusion in the middle of battle.

Each level corresponds to a floor of the space elevator. Each floor, you will face a boss guarding. Defeating the boss, you will be able to continue down to the next floor. The closer you get to Earth, the denser the enemy becomes. You also have to survive many bosses with strength and durability.

Your path back to Earth only gets more and more difficult. To be able to withstand these situations, the only way is to strengthen yourself, giving yourself as many advanced weapons as possible before becoming prey for monsters.

Choose new skills and weapons through puzzle boards

The fun in Return To Earth lies in choosing new skills and weapons for the character. The game offers a chessboard format with squares so you can combine similar elements to form new, more powerful weapons and skills. The more similar things you can match, the more valuable treasures the character will possess to preserve their life.

Choosing and prioritizing which squares to put together first is important to the main character. It is the smart choice strategy that will bring many advantages to you and vice versa.

Character development through choices

Matching weapon and skill squares not only gives more power to the character. But this does not happen by accident. What more power you have, in what direction, it’s all up to you to decide. This means you can gradually shape your character’s development path through these choices.

If you pursue defensive gameplay, focus on skills along with shield elements for your character. On the contrary, if your style is attack, you need to focus on weapon slots. Those who prefer long-range attacks will choose weapons that have a wide effect, people who like to admire enemies close to face tend to choose weapons that are close, but have a wide impact.

Character development will give you advantages and disadvantages respectively. You need to wisely identify your favorite playstyle and make the right choices.

Download Return To Earth APK for Android

This mini-game Return To Earth will bring you an exciting action-shooting role-playing experience. Combining puzzles with a bit of strategy and a rather strange setting. Each level is short, you can open it at any time, in the most comfortable way without too much difficulty.