• name
  • Pure Tuber
  • file size
  • 26 MB
  • version
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Pure Tuber Studio
  • mod features
  • VIP Unlocked, No ADS
  • requires
  • Android 4.4 and up

Pure Tuber Mod APK is an ad blocker for Android devices that enables users to access free premium content while blocking any advertisements that may appear when viewing YouTube videos.

Introduction to Pure Tuber

Pure Tuber is a free Android app developed by forters in 2021. It provides users with a platform to browse, watch, and download YouTube videos without ads, region restrictions, and other limitations. The app is designed to offer a cleaner, more streamlined, and privacy-focused alternative to the official YouTube app.

Enjoy Ad-Free Video Streaming

Pure Tuber provides an ad-free video streaming experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite YouTube content without interruptions. Say goodbye to annoying ads that disrupt your viewing experience and detract from the content you love. With Pure Tuber, you can watch videos seamlessly and focus on what matters most: the content itself.

Enhanced Privacy Features

Protect your privacy while browsing YouTube with Pure Tuber’s enhanced privacy features. Unlike the official YouTube app, Pure Tuber does not collect unnecessary data or track your online activities. Your personal information remains secure, and your browsing history remains private. With Pure Tuber, you can browse YouTube without worrying about invasive data collection practices.

Background Playback and Offline Viewing

Pure Tuber offers background playback and offline viewing capabilities, allowing you to listen to videos or podcasts while using other apps or when your device’s screen is off. Additionally, you can download videos for offline viewing, making it convenient to enjoy your favorite content even when you’re offline or have limited internet access. With Pure Tuber, you have the flexibility to watch videos on your terms.

Customizable Features and Settings

Tailor your video streaming experience to your preferences with Pure Tuber’s customizable features and settings. Customize video playback quality, enable or disable autoplay, adjust video speed, and more to create a personalized viewing experience that suits your preferences. With Pure Tuber, you have control over how you consume YouTube content.

Support for Restricted and Blocked Content

Access restricted or blocked YouTube content with ease using Pure Tuber. Whether you’re in a region where certain videos are unavailable or facing censorship issues, Pure Tuber allows you to bypass restrictions and access the content you want to watch. Enjoy unrestricted access to a vast library of YouTube videos without limitations.

MOD APK version of Pure Tuber

MOD feature

  • VIP Unlocked
  • No ADS

Download for Android Pure Tuber APK

Pure Tuber offers a refreshing alternative to the official YouTube app, prioritizing privacy, ad-free viewing, and freedom of expression. With its ad-free streaming, enhanced privacy features, background playback, offline viewing capabilities, customizable settings, and support for restricted content, Pure Tuber empowers you to enjoy YouTube videos without compromises. Whether you’re concerned about privacy, tired of ads, or looking for more control over your viewing experience, Pure Tuber delivers a solution that puts you in the driver’s seat. Download Pure Tuber today and discover a new way to experience YouTube!