• name
  • Pressure Washing Run
  • file size
  • 180 MB
  • version
  • 5.8.6
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Rollic Games
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money
  • requires
  • Android 5.1+

Pressure Washing Run is an entertaining game on the mobile platform, where players will play the role of a neighborhood cleaner. The player’s task is to use the pressure washer to clean dirty areas along the way, including roadways, sidewalks, corridors and more. Pressure Washing Run is heavily advertised on social networking platforms that you must have seen somewhere. If you feel interested in this game, let’s go experience it right away!

About Pressure Washing Run

Pressure Washing Run is a fun and addictive mobile game that takes players on an exciting journey as a pressure washing expert. Developed with a focus on entertaining gameplay and immersive visuals, the game offers a unique and satisfying experience of cleaning various objects and surfaces with a high-powered pressure washer. With its challenging levels, vibrant graphics, and intuitive controls, Pressure Washing Run provides a refreshing and stress-relieving gaming experience for players of all ages.


In Pressure Washing Run, players assume the role of a skilled pressure washing specialist on a mission to clean dirty and grimy objects across different environments. The objective is to wash away the dirt, stains, and debris as efficiently as possible within a given time limit, earning points and progressing through the levels.

Diverse Cleaning Challenges

Pressure Washing Run features a variety of cleaning challenges, each with unique surfaces and levels of dirtiness. Players will encounter dirty vehicles, filthy walls, graffiti-covered structures, oil spills, and much more, adding a sense of variety and excitement to the gameplay.

Realistic Pressure Washing Physics

The game incorporates realistic pressure washing physics, making the cleaning experience feel authentic and immersive. Players must aim the pressure washer nozzle accurately, adjust water pressure, and control the spray pattern to achieve the best cleaning results.

Upgradeable Equipment

As players advance through the game, they can earn rewards and coins that can be used to upgrade their pressure washing equipment. Upgrades may include more powerful pressure washers, wider spray patterns, increased water capacity, and faster cleaning speeds, enhancing the overall performance and efficiency.

Time-Based Challenges

Each level presents time-based challenges, creating a sense of urgency and excitement as players must complete the cleaning tasks within the allotted time. Speed and accuracy are crucial to achieving high scores and unlocking new levels.

Stunning Environments

Pressure Washing Run offers visually appealing and diverse environments for players to explore. From suburban neighborhoods to industrial sites, each location is richly detailed and brings a fresh set of cleaning challenges.

Achievements and Leaderboards

The game includes a system of achievements and leaderboards, encouraging players to aim for high scores and compete with friends and players worldwide. Completing achievements rewards players with in-game bonuses and bragging rights.

In-Game Currency and Power-Ups

Players can earn in-game currency by completing levels and achieving high scores. This currency can be used to purchase power-ups that offer temporary boosts, such as increased cleaning speed, extended time, or instant stain removal.

Graphics and Sound

Pressure Washing Run boasts colorful and vibrant graphics, bringing the various environments and objects to life. The animations of the pressure washer and water spray are well-rendered, creating a satisfying sense of accomplishment when cleaning surfaces. The game’s soundtrack and sound effects complement the gameplay, adding an extra layer of immersion to the experience.


Pressure Washing Run is a captivating and engaging mobile game that offers a refreshing and unique concept. With its challenging cleaning tasks, upgradeable equipment, and vibrant visuals, the game provides players with a delightful experience of pressure washing fun. Whether looking for a relaxing pastime or an addictive challenge, Pressure Washing Run is sure to keep players entertained as they master the art of cleaning with a virtual pressure washer.

MOD APK version of Pressure Washing Run

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Money does not decrease.

Download Pressure Washing Run APK & MOD for Android

Pressure Washing Run is an attractive and interesting game, it will satisfy those who love stimulation and challenges with effective stress-reducing tasks in life. With simple gameplay, exquisite detailed graphics, convenient and diverse features, this game will definitely be a great choice for those who want to find a light and fun entertainment game.