• name
  • Pizza Boy GBA Pro
  • file size
  • 15 MB
  • version
  • 2.8.12
  • price
  • $4.99
  • publisher
  • Pizza Emulators
  • mod features
  • Patched/Sync Work
  • requires
  • Android 5.0 and up

Full featured version of Pizza Boy GBA (a GBA Emulator)

About Pizza Boy GBA Pro

Pizza Boy GBA Pro is a feature-rich emulator app designed specifically for Game Boy Advance (GBA) games on Android devices. Developed by Pizza Emulators, the app offers a comprehensive gaming experience, allowing users to play their favorite GBA games seamlessly on their smartphones or tablets. This detailed description will provide an overview of the various aspects and features of Pizza Boy GBA Pro.

Smooth and Accurate Emulation

Pizza Boy GBA Pro provides smooth and accurate emulation of GBA games, faithfully reproducing the gameplay experience of the original console. The app utilizes advanced emulation technology to ensure that games run smoothly and without any glitches or performance issues. It aims to replicate the original GBA hardware, offering users an authentic and nostalgic gaming experience on their Android devices.

User-Friendly Interface

The app features a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and manage their games. The interface provides quick access to essential functions, such as loading ROMs (game files), saving and loading game progress, adjusting settings, and customizing controls. The organized layout and straightforward controls ensure a seamless and hassle-free gaming experience.

Customizable Controls

Pizza Boy GBA Pro allows users to customize the on-screen controls according to their preferences. Users can adjust the size, position, and layout of the buttons and virtual joystick to create a comfortable and personalized gaming setup. The app also supports external gamepads and controllers, providing users with the flexibility to choose their preferred input method for playing GBA games.

Save and Load Game States

The app offers the ability to save and load game states, allowing users to easily resume their progress at any time. Users can save their game at specific points or create multiple save states to experiment with different strategies or revisit favorite moments. This feature is particularly useful for challenging games or when playing on-the-go, as users can save their progress and continue playing later without losing any achievements.

Cheats and Game Enhancements

Pizza Boy GBA Pro includes support for cheats and various game enhancements. Users can apply cheat codes to unlock special abilities, obtain extra lives, or access hidden content in their favorite games. The app also provides features like fast forward, slow motion, and frame skipping, which allow users to customize the gameplay speed and enhance their gaming experience.

Advanced Settings and Options

The app offers a range of advanced settings and options to fine-tune the emulation experience. Users can adjust video settings such as aspect ratio, screen filters, and scaling options to optimize the graphics for their device’s display. Audio settings, including volume controls and audio interpolation, allow users to customize the sound output. Additionally, users can configure emulation-specific settings such as frame skipping, BIOS selection, and save file management to further tailor the app to their preferences.

Game Library and Compatibility

Pizza Boy GBA Pro supports a vast library of GBA games, allowing users to play their favorite titles from the extensive GBA game catalog. The app is compatible with most GBA ROMs, offering users a wide selection of games to choose from. Users can either transfer their game files directly to their device or browse and download ROMs from reputable sources within the app.

In summary, Pizza Boy GBA Pro is a feature-rich emulator app that provides a seamless and authentic gaming experience for GBA enthusiasts on Android devices. With its smooth and accurate emulation, user-friendly interface, customizable controls, save and load game states, cheat support, advanced settings, and extensive game compatibility, Pizza Boy GBA Pro offers a comprehensive platform for users to relive their favorite GBA games conveniently on their mobile devices.

MOD APK version of Pizza Boy GBA Pro

MOD features

  • The license check has been removed.
  • Signature test.
  • Synchronization with Google Drive won’t work.

Download free for Android Pizza Boy GBA Pro APK

In short, if you are looking to play GBA games again for a while and want to turn your mobile into a compact handheld game console that has captivated you, download this Pizza Boy GBA Pro emulator right away.