• name
  • Peridot
  • file size
  • 92 MB
  • version
  • 0.33.0
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Niantic, Inc.
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android

The pet game with features similar to Pokemon GO called PERIDOT by the same developer Niantic has been noticed since its release. Not as heavily promoted as Pokemon GO in the past, but the cuteness and coherent gameplay attracts people to this game.

About this game

Designed and built using the same virtual reality and visual technology as Pokemon GO, Peridot is the latest game from the same famous developer Niantic. With the premise already established from its predecessor, it’s understandable that Peridot has quickly gained attention since its debut.

Does Peridot make a difference? What is the highlight of this new game? Let’s find out more details in the short review below.

What’s in Peridot?

No longer the familiar Pokemon, in Peridot, you will meet fantasy creatures collectively known as Peridots. In the same way as Pokemon GO, players are tasked with finding, collecting, nurturing, and breeding adorable Peridot species to create their own unique Peridot collection.

Making the most of the strengths of AR virtual reality technology along with a lot of experience accumulated in the process of making, developing, and perfecting Pokemon GO before, developer Niantic has brought another AR world for players. Although not too different in terms of gameplay, the unique cute shape and a series of fascinating experience details from the time of encounter, rearing to adulthood of Peridots make the game so attractive.

Search, Purebred, and Adopted

This is the first stage in the process of playing Peridot. Peridots are fictional species that are beyond cute. Unlike Pokemon that usually come with some sort of combat trait, Peridots possess a distinct appearance between the species, unique vibrant colors, and a range of unique movements, unlike any other fantasy object which you used to know. That’s why they are attractive in their own way and create a wide range of emotions and a rather special sense of connection with the player.

You will search for Peridot in your real-world scene appearing on your mobile screen, catch a Peridot, and the journey of adoption, taming and care will begin.

To better understand your new friend Peridot, you need to go through all the parameters, and details inside and out about his name, size, weight, features, colors, and favorite activities. The more you master this information, the more convenient the rearing and crossbreeding steps will be.

Collect a lot of magic to nurture your Peridot because magic is the source of the power that powers Peridot’s development. Each magic added will help your journey to raise Peridot significantly more.

But don’t just feed without care. For Peridots to be happy, full of life, and grow as quickly as possible, you must truly become their great friend: petting, playing, cuddling, walking, and exploring new areas of the world, meeting other Peridot breeders. The process of exploring this world together will help you and your Peridot herd to bond more deeply naturally than day by day. The higher the affection stat, the faster Peridot grows.

Diversify species

When you hang out with other players, you can also cooperate with them to breed. When the Peridot matures to a certain age, the game will give you a notification to let you know which Peridot is ready for the crossbreeding process. Mating this Peridot with another of your friends’ Peridots will result in a whole new, exciting breed of Peridot with all the advantages of the parent generation.

During the game, you can take pictures of your pet at any time. Creating, preserving, and sharing many lovely and memorable moments with the colorful Peridot flock is also an attractive part of the player community.

If you’ve been immersed in the world of Pokemon GO, why not reinvent yourself in the world of Peridot? For those who have never played an AR game, Peridot is a great opportunity to fully experience the most advanced AR technology, excelling through the process of finding, taming, fostering, and breeding fascinating pets.