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ParKing Premium: Parking

Keep forgetting wherever you set ?
Asking yourself wherever is my automobile ? wherever did I park ? adult male wherever is my automobile ?
Lost during a vast parking zone ?
Looking the simplest realize my automobile app ?
With ParKing, the KING of parking, it’ll ne’er happen again!
This elegant and straightforward realize my automobile app is strictly the answer you wish to find your vehicle!

Key features:
– One click to put a parking reminder on a map
– Automatic parking detection victimization your car’s Bluetooth device
– User outlined zones while not notifications (e.g. home, office)
– golem wear support, ParKing find my automobile app for golem smartwatches
– One click navigation to seek out your automobile parking victimization Google Maps, Waze and etc.
– elective camera icon as a parking reminder. No GPS is required!
– Add parking time reminder / parking timer
– History of all of your previous parkings
– in-built realize my automobile compass
– pill support

Try our realize my automobile app currently, it’s free!

* One Click Parking *
To place a brand new parking reminder, you just click once on a map.
In addition, ParKing can mechanically show you your current location.
Once you have got placed a brand new parking reminder, ParKing can mechanically attempt to add geographic info to your parking, like address, town and etc.

* Automatic Parking *
With automatic parking, you don’t ought to manually mark wherever you set your automobile,
ParKing can have it off for you automatically!
When you activate automatic parking, ParKing can sight once your mobile device disconnects from your car’s Bluetooth device and automatic parking are saved.
Note that ParKing doesn’t have to be compelled to run within the background so as to sight automatic parking.

* Zones with no Automatic Parking Notifications *
If you park at an equivalent place persistently, e.g. reception or at the workplace,
ParKing enables you to outline zones within which you may not receive automatic parking notifications.
ParKing can merely park wordlessly for you within those zones.
You will solely get notified just in case you park during a new parking place.

* golem Wear Support *
You can currently fancy ParKing realize my automobile app for smartwatches with automatic smartphone synchronization.
On your watch you’ll be able to place a parking reminder, navigate to your parking place, find your automobile,
receive notifications from your smartphone ParKing realize my automobile app, synchronize last parking place and far additional.

* ParKing pill Support *
You can currently conjointly use ParKing realize my automobile app on your pill.
Make sure you have got GPS and Bluetooth so as to fancy all of the parking options.

* Navigation to your Parking *
ParKing offers multiple navigation choices to your parking place:
– Use you favorite navigation app to seek out your car: Google Maps, waze
– Use a designed it map along with your parking place marker
– Use a designed it compass to find your automobile

* Parking inside *
In several cases you park your automobile inside wherever GPS signal and reliable location may not be obtainable.
In those cases, ParKing offers you to feature a photograph as a parking reminder.
Simply attach a photograph to your parking and use it to seek out your automobile.

* Parking Time Reminder / Parking Timer *
In case you have got a restricted parking time, ParKing offers you to feature a parking timer to your parking.
You will be notified once your parking timer is getting ready to expire.

* ParKing History *
ParKing offers you to save lots of all of your previous parking places and show them on a map.
You can conjointly set a cleanup frequency of your parking history.

** directions **
– Press the “Park” button and so press anyplace on the map so as to save lots of your parking location
– you’ll be able to conjointly add a parking timer or a photograph to your parking reminder
– Press “Auto Park” to setup automatic parking victimization your car’s Bluetooth device
– Press the compass or navigation buttons so as to navigate to your parking place and realize your automobile