• name
  • Paradigm: Reboot
  • file size
  • 502 MB
  • version
  • 1.4.1
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • TunerGames
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 7.0

Paradigm: Reboot is an engaging 3D space rhythm game that combines musical gameplay with action-packed combat and eerie storytelling in a dark space setting. This is a must-have experience if you are passionate about rhythm games.

About game Paradigm: Reboot

Rhythm game combines the art of storytelling with a fantasy space theme!

Why are rhythm games still attractive to players?

As one of the first simple game genres, dating back to the console era, rhythm games are a quick way to introduce players to catchy tunes, listen to the feel of the rhythm, and then turn them into on-screen actions. The music makes you fall in love, and the rhythmic movements of the fingers relieve the pressure of life. Combined with beautiful colors, costumes, and contexts, it is a gentle way to relieve stress.

Over time, rhythm games have had many fascinating variations, combined with a strange story, gameplay, different genres of music, and a strange cast of characters. Every rhythm game has a different way of approaching players and creating endless excitement.

You are often so used to lively rhythm games with lovely characters, sparkling candy backgrounds, and simple stories creating a sense of lightness. Have you ever thought about playing a dark musical game with a stylish fantasy space setting? Paradigm: Reboot will bring you this exciting experience.

What’s so special about Paradigm: Reboot?

In essence, Paradigm: Reboot is a rhythm game. But mixed, combined with many novel elements including narrative art, 3D spatial context with depth, and a series of trendy melodies in bold space.

When playing Paradigm: Reboot, you will first hear about a dark space story, a long journey into the endless universe of a heroic female warrior. Along the way, you will meet a lot of attackers, be it spaceships, space monsters, or a lot of different obstacles. They will randomly appear in the background of the game’s music. By listening to these tunes, you will catch these objects, and touch the screen to quickly destroy them before they get in the way or crash into you.

Depending on the time of touching the screen, the object’s size, the flight’s speed, and the number of points obtained when hitting the enemies and objects of the player will be different. Accumulating points, you will open up new dimensions with completely new opponents, and the accompanying music also has a significant change in the variety of melodies. The more you play, the better your chances of enjoying a richer spatial sound.

Paradigm: Reboot is also a 3-dimensional game, so it is different from many simple music games you know, often obstacles or enemies only appear horizontally or vertically. In this game, strange objects that stand in your way can appear from any corner of the screen, anywhere whether it is from the corner of the screen, from the edge of the screen, or flying in the opposite direction in a straight line. They also appear randomly with constantly changing color shapes. The first few levels are still easy to play, and until the 10th level, you will begin to “really play” with the suffocating appearance of enemy battleships.

If you use a short conclusion to talk about Paradigm: Reboot, it can only be a “hardcore space rhythm game”.

Difficulty options

Paradigm: Reboot makes it accessible to all players. Beginners will be able to choose Easy mode, and as you get used to it, you can dive into the Advanced experience. Hard is for the pros who don’t mind the fast, frantic appearances of enemies.

Of course, corresponding to the difficulty levels, their tone, and their eloquent atmosphere will also be different. So there is always a great incentive for each player to make themselves more proficient to experience the faster game modes of Paradigm: Reboot.

The art of storytelling and music selection

Background music, the soul of a melody game, in Paradigm: Reboot is in the direction of fantasy space with a completely different style and mix of music from what you usually know. From the opening music of the first scene, you are quickly immersed in a world of dense black space and solitude. Later that loneliness was replaced by a sense of danger. Leading players with music is the first art of Paradigm: Reboot.

The art of storytelling in this game is also not to be underestimated. In addition to the first small story cutscenes, along the way, you will constantly watch, and hear a lot of stories about the next progression of the story, when you come to a new planet, and explore a new dimension, all both have a reason and have a hidden sequel in it. Play the full set of Paradigm: Reboot and you can enjoy a strange space fantasy story.