• name
  • Paper Bride 4 Bound Love
  • file size
  • 100 MB
  • version
  • 0.0.1
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Heartbeat Plus
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android

Paper Bride 4 Bound Love is part 4 of the Chinese horror game series Paper Bride. Also following the form of 2D drawing full of magic, along with the gameplay of discovery and horror puzzles inherent in previous games

About Paper Bride 4 Bound Love

Uncover the secrets of Yichang Town in Paper Bride 4 Bound Love!

The story

Leaving Zangling village full of crazy horror customs, from the wrong twin point of view to the cruel paper bride custom, in part 4 of the Paper Bride game series, Paper Bride 4 Bound Love, we will go to Yichang Town.

The player for personal reasons accidentally went to Yichang Town, a small town in the Chinese countryside. The game scene from the beginning was tinged with gloom, signaling unexpected turns in this trip. Players going here will meet an old friend who has been lost for a long time. But this meeting unexpectedly led to a series of ghostly consequences later.

Everything in Paper Bride 4 Bound Love begins with a seemingly normal question “Long time no see, how are you”. Even now, you are still unaware that you are talking to a ghost. And that ghost is also the matchmaker for a seemingly very good marriage.

How things will turn out when you and the new girl you meet, through the introduction of an old friend, are separated. However, the feelings that arise are real. How to make this confusing love story cross the line between life and death? And the other friend, good or bad, is the one who wants to take over your body or is it just a family man?

Pray to the matchmaker for a good marriage.
Breathing jade waves in the wind,rising with lingering sentiments.
Love is entwined like a red silk, hard to untie…

Long time no see,are you still the same as before?
Dreams and reality are as one. Who is a ghost, and who is not? Are you still you?

“Paper Bride 4 Bound Love” is a Chinese horror puzzle game, the fourth work in the “Paper Bride” series. Welcome everyone to return to the world of Paper Bride. This time, let us uncover the secrets of Yichang Town together.

We are trying to create a different experience for each paper bride. In the previous few works, we tried to deconstruct puzzle solving and folklore in different aspects (such as physical puzzle solving, burning paper for ourselves, etc.).
And this work, we intend to go back to the basics, try a more traditional direction, and restore the feeling of old-fashioned classic folk movies.

New works will continue to be upgraded:

*Traditional Chinese folk culture upgrade – more Chinese folk culture and metaphysics, more paper puppets.
*Art upgrade—the art department has a few new monsters (masters), and things like paper figurines will be even weirder.
*Heartbeat upgrade——Different paper fans have different evaluations on the heartbeat speed of the previous game. Some people said it was more exciting, while others said “it’s not as good as the previous one”. So this time we dare not use too much force, just increase it by 0.01 times!No entrance for heart disease patients!