- Added Nissan enhanced diagnostic packages for Nissan and Infiniti 2006-2011 vehicles.
- Added Motorcycle as a vehicle type.
- Improved connection stability when the app is in the background on newer versions of Android.
- Fixed a bug that caused new dashboard gauges to appear offscreen when more than twenty gauges already existed on the dashboard.
- Various bug fixes and improvements.

OBD Fusion (Car Diagnostics)

OBD Fusion (formerly TouchScan) is AN app that enables you to scan OBD2 vehicle knowledge directly from your mechanical man phone or pill. you’ll clear your check engine light-weight, scan diagnostic hassle codes, estimate fuel economy and far more! OBD Fusion incorporates a ton of options that square measure utilized by skilled automobile mechanics, do-it-yourselfers, and users World Health Organization wish to watch automobile knowledge throughout day to day driving. a number of the options embody customizable dashboards, period graphing of car sensors, emission readiness standing, knowledge work and mercantilism, gas detector tests, Boost readout, and a full diagnostic report.

Is your check engine light-weight on? does one wish to watch fuel economy and usage in your vehicle? does one wish cool trying gauges on your mechanical man phone or tablet? If therefore, then OBD Fusion is that the app for you!

OBD Fusion could be a vehicle medical specialty tool that connects to OBD-II and EOBD vehicles. unsure if your vehicle is OBD-2, EOBD or JOBD compliant? See this page for a lot of information: … compliant/. OBD Fusion works with some JOBD compliant vehicles and in some cases needs modifications to the affiliation settings within the app. Please contact United States of America for a lot of info.

You must have a compatible scan tool to use this code. For counseled scan tools, see our web site Please note that low cost ELM clone adapters may be unreliable. OBD Fusion will hook up with any ELM 327 compatible adapter, however a budget clone adapters tend to possess slow refresh rates and would possibly disconnect arbitrarily.

OBD Fusion for mechanical man is dropped at you by OCTech, LLC, the developers of TouchScan and OBDwiz for Windows and OBDLink for mechanical man. currently you’ll get constant nice options for your phone or pill.

OBD Fusion has the subsequent features:

• scan and clear diagnostic hassle codes and your Check Engine light-weight (MIL/CEL)
• period dashboard show with heads up show (HUD) possibility
• period graphing
• Fuel economy MPG, MPG (UK), l/100km or km/l calculation
• produce custom increased PIDs
• Includes some inbuilt increased PIDs for Ford and metric weight unit vehicles together with engine misfires, transmission worker, and oil worker.
• Multiple trip meters for following fuel economy, fuel usage, and distance
• Customizable dashboards with quick dashboard switch
• Log knowledge to CSV format and export for viewing in any computer programme application
• show battery voltage
• show Engine torsion, Engine Power, Turbo Boost pressure, and air-to-fuel (A/F) quantitative relation (vehicle should support the specified PIDs)
• scan freeze frame knowledge
• English, Imperial, and Metric units that square measure absolutely customizable
• Over one hundred fifty supported PIDs
• Displays vehicle info together with VIN range and activity ID
• Emissions readiness for every United States of America state
• gas detector Results (Mode $05)
• On-board observation Tests (Mode $06)
• In-performance following Counters (Mode $09)
• GPS following – plot vehicle parameters on a map in period
• Full diagnostic report that may be keep and emailed
• choice to choose the connected eu
• inbuilt information of fault code definitions
• Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE*, USB**, Automatic Adapter information 2***, and Wi-Fi**** scan tool support

* presently works with the LELink device. Your mechanical man device should have Bluetooth lupus support and be running mechanical man four.3 or newer.
** you want to have a pill with USB host support to attach employing a USB device. solely FTDI USB devices square measure supported.
*** OBD Fusion with the automated adapter is presently restricted to reading SAE inflammatory disease knowledge solely.
**** solely Wi-Fi scan tools that support infrastructure mode can work with mechanical man devices.