• name
  • Nine Nights
  • version
  • 1.01
  • file size
  • 601 MB
  • price
  • $4.99 Free
  • publisher
  • LI HUI
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 7.0+

Fierce, cruel 1v1 battles between a lone omnipotent assassin and countless enemies of all races and species will make your heart vibrate with excitement. Nine Nights, a classic hack-and-slash fighting role-playing game from the PS2 era will bring you all the exciting experiences just mentioned.

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Escape and fight back in the crisis-ridden world!

Become the killer Ci Lang

Pick up your sword, and fight bravely with skillful assassin techniques practiced since childhood, that’s what you get in Nine Nights.

Nine Nights is a classic fighting role-playing game, focusing on exciting fast-paced hack-and-slash gameplay. Based on the skillful control combination of virtual skill buttons on the screen, players can create rich, tactical attack skills to quickly end 1-on-1 battles with enemies.

Players will take on the role of an assassin Ci Lang. Living in the mountains from childhood until adulthood, dedicated to practicing all skilled assassin skills, Ci Lang was always alone, acting quietly, fighting like a wild wolf. After the Jizo Assassin organization was massacred, you became the final prey hunted by many political forces across the country.

With all the skills you have been taught, all the assassin skills you have accumulated in your body, and the ability to survive more acutely than others, you do not only escape in the chaotic world of the times. On the contrary, turn defeat into victory, and transform yourself into a hunter throughout the kingdom.

Combine skillful attacks

The key to success certainly lies in the ability to combine. But how to combine, what goes with what, perhaps only Ci Lang can decide. As a young female assassin, you only have one path: try combinations and trial and error. Through these experiments, you gradually conclude which method is suitable for your fighting style.

For example, foot attacks are better at destroying the enemy’s defense. However, hand strikes in many cases help you proactively attack and stun your opponent, which has a good preemptive effect.

Attacks, defensive skills, and self-defense are always a combination of two or three or more assassin skills. During the game, you need to remember a few of your favorite combinations, so you can use them again later. At the same time, when a new skill opens up, you need to spend a lot of time trying out new combinations, who knows, maybe there will be something more suitable for you.

Upgrade elements

The journey of running away and fighting not only brought more battlefield experience to Ci Lang but also helped her learn many new skills.

Possessing a strongly expanding skill system, along with the ability to flexibly combine skills, will bring the character a chance to survive. Each time you defeat an enemy, you also get an attractive reward. Use this reward to enhance your character’s moves. Then again, combining moves with your existing skill set, along with newly purchased weapons, will help you have more effective attacks.

Discover countless unique assassin skills

Initially, players only have a few simple skills at hand. Later in the battle process, through many intense battles with increasingly stronger enemies, Ci Lang can learn how to strike more strongly and decisively. At the same time, learned many new assassin skills.

She also discovered something very interesting. These existing skills, when combined, can create powerful attacks. The jumps and launches look simple, but when done together, in many different ways, will help Ci Lang overcome countless waves and obstacles on the road.

Thanks to this discovery, from now on, Ci Lang focused on training in a coordinated way so that one day, she alone, amid a siege, could still resiliently fight off tons of vicious enemies.

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Nine Nights promotes creative gameplay. Role-playing in this game is not only to witness exciting hack-and-slash battles but also to challenge your ability to combine skills, moves, and all types of weapons. The more creative you are, the higher your chances of winning.