NEW MINI GAME: Dodge the ghosts in Tom’s spookiest mini game ever!
WINTER WONDERLANDS: Exciting holiday gifts will be available just before the holidays!
COLORING BOOK: Add color to drawings then decorate Tom’s room with them!

My Talking Tom

Your new ally is here! Play with Talking Tom in his cool new game and persist the journey of your life!

Just like before, you adopt baby Tom then watch out of him as a virtual pet, serving to him age happy and healthy. however currently there ar new mini games, new food, new garments and new furnishings to play with.

And that’s not all! Tom is currently a lot of fun to play with than ever before. you’ll be able to currently decide him up and move him around, spin him, drop him, throw him, and even place him on the bathroom, within the bathtub, into bed and into his plane.

Wait… did we tend to simply say his PLANE?

Yes, Tom currently has his own plane, and he will fly it to exciting new worlds wherever he’ll realize superb new things to decorate up in and to embellish his house, in addition as new food and new pets.

What? Tom has his own PETS!?

Yes! Tom’s pets ar virtually as cute and funny as he’s. you’ll be able to move with the pet too, or simply laugh as Tom and his pet move with one another. There ar 5 pets to unlock. are you able to realize them all?

Oh, and did we tend to mention all the TOYS yet?

Tom currently includes a box filled with awe-inspiring toys – the swing, basketball, exerciser and punching bag – and he loves fiddling with all. simply don’t play too arduous or he may get a bit booboo…

What’s a BOOBOO!?

Well Tom desires a lot of taking care of than before – generally he gets simply a bit sick or hurt. Aw, once this poor very little guy gets the hiccups or a fluid nose, he desires your facilitate to urge higher. as luck would have it, there’s a medication cupboard in his lavatory filled with fast and simple cures!

Finally, for fans of mini games, there ar masses to decide on from, starting from action games like Cupid Tom and simple Squeezy, to puzzle games like Totem Blast and Ice Smash. And for the primary time, Tom includes a multiplayer mini game! are you able to beat your friends at house Trails?

My Talking Tom a pair of is free, family-friendly fun. transfer currently and be part of Tom’s uncountable fans round the world!


This app contains:
– Promotion of Outfit7’s merchandise and advertising;
– Links that direct customers to Outfit7’s websites and alternative apps;
– Personalization of content to encourage users to play the app again;
– YouTube integration to permit users to observe videos of Outfit7’s animated characters;
– the choice to form in-app purchases;
– things to get (available in several prices) exploitation virtual currency, looking on the player’s progress; and
– various choices to access all functionalities of the app while not creating any in-app purchases exploitation real cash.