• name
  • Mushroom Knight
  • version
  • 1.0.43_g
  • file size
  • 209 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • BinX
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 7.0 and up

The general setting is that the Mushroom Kingdom is in trouble, and you are a Knight trying your best to protect this Mushroom Kingdom. Only by constantly moving forward, making things, weapons and killing monsters in the dungeon, can you return peace to the kingdom.

Introduction to Mushroom Knight

Slay the dragon and protect the Mushroom Kingdom!


Originally an adventure and combat role-playing game, the frequency of making equipment, weapons, or upgrading weapons and skills is quite high. The goal is to help players implement diverse combat strategies and progress quickly enough to face the fiercest monsters.

In addition, the game also has a pet element, which also helps players a lot in exploring and fighting dungeons. Later you can combine pets for more surprises.

By focusing on the seemingly minor details mentioned above, Mushroom Knight has unintentionally created a new, small, interesting feeling that gradually becomes larger in the player. This is what keeps me stuck with Mushroom Knight, I wonder how you guys feel?

Turn into a Knight and save the Mushroom kingdom

The Mushroom Knight player plays the role of a resilient Knight of the Mushroom Kingdom, the only one who possesses many special abilities to be able to fight against the monsters that are flooding everywhere.

The Mushroom Kingdom used to be different from what it is now. It is a peaceful place where birds sing, there are many species but they all live peacefully side by side, and there is never war. Suddenly, one day, monsters appeared from nowhere. They trampled on, arrested, and tried to make things difficult for the people in the land. At this rate, it doesn’t know how long it will take for this place to be devastated.

But then you show up. Like a hero, with many abilities, skills, superior manufacturing techniques, and a series of pets’ support, become the one capable of destroying monsters to save this Mushroom Kingdom.

Beautiful 2D graphics

Not disappointing players, Mushroom Knight not only has eye-catching landscape colors, creating a peaceful feeling but also creates a rich, lively fantasy world.

There, you can see the Mushroom residents constantly moving, each with their own unique appearance. The style everywhere is fresh, the scenery seems to dance and move with every step the player moves. The atmosphere filled with vitality in this game will make you smile.

Superior manufacturing techniques

Our knights are superior to others in that they have the ability to create many unique objects, equipment, and weapons to serve the war. Just by gathering enough resources in hand, the Knight can combine them in many different ways to create swords, swords, shields, bows, and arrows or support equipment such as armor, hoods…

The more diverse the resources found, the more effective the crafting will be. And with a high enough EXP score, meaning the knight has been significantly upgraded, the crafting speed is increasing accordingly.

Acquire new skills and abilities

With the help of the village chiefs, every time you go through a new land in the Dwarf Mushroom Kingdom, defeating the boss guarding the land, you will have the opportunity to meet the village chief. The kind village chief will teach you some new fighting skills. This is how you accumulate more and more valuable techniques for combat.

New abilities also unlock as you complete important missions. Along with skills, you will come up with different combinations to help your character fight more effectively.

Earn points to craft and upgrade powers

At the same time as fighting, for each monster that falls, you will gain EXP points and bonuses. Bonuses are used to buy more necessary items and more important resources for future manufacturing.

Experience points are gradually accumulated to help the character level up. Each time you level up you will become stronger, more resilient, and more able to fend off enemies.

Download for Android Mushroom Knight APK

Mushroom Knight offers a plethora of captivating features to indulge in. Engage in thrilling battles while navigating through a rich storyline and mission system, replete with nuanced motivations to drive your progress. With stunning visual landscapes, the game consistently encourages exploration, discovery, and combat in visually enchanting environments.