• name
  • MT Manager
  • version
  • 2.15.1
  • file size
  • 22 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Lin Jin Bin
  • mod features
  • VIP Unlocked
  • requires
  • Android

In today’s fast-paced world, where multitasking has become the norm, technology apps like smartphones must adapt to keep pace with this trend. MT Manager emerges as a solution, aiding users in efficiently managing multiple files simultaneously.

MT Manager is a robust APK editing and file management application, offering a plethora of functionalities such as file management, software modification, application translation, and text editing. Developed by Lin Jin Bin, it boasts an intuitive interface designed to simplify user interaction. With its versatility and ease of use, MT Manager is a must-have tool for every smartphone user. Let’s delve into what makes this app so special!

Introduction to MT Manager

Welcome to MT Manager, your all-in-one file management solution for Android devices. MT Manager offers a wide range of features and tools to help you organize, manage, and optimize your files and apps with ease. Whether you’re looking to browse and edit system files, extract archives, manage installed applications, or customize your device, MT Manager has you covered. Let’s explore the key features and capabilities of MT Manager that make it a must-have tool for Android users.

Powerful File Manager

MT Manager provides a powerful file manager that allows you to browse, copy, move, rename, and delete files and folders on your device’s internal storage and external SD card. With support for multiple tabs, customizable themes, and intuitive navigation controls, managing your files has never been easier.

Root Explorer

Unlock the full potential of your rooted device with MT Manager’s root explorer feature. Gain access to system files and directories that are normally hidden from view, allowing you to modify system settings, customize your device’s appearance, and tweak performance settings to your liking.

APK Management

Easily manage installed applications on your device with MT Manager’s APK management tools. View detailed information about installed apps, including package name, version, installation date, and permissions. Backup and restore APK files, uninstall unwanted apps, and freeze or disable system apps to optimize your device’s performance.

Archive Manager

MT Manager includes a built-in archive manager that supports a wide range of archive formats, including ZIP, RAR, TAR, 7Z, and more. Extract files from archives, create new archives, and compress files and folders to save space on your device.

Text Editor

Edit text files directly on your device with MT Manager’s built-in text editor. With syntax highlighting, line numbering, and advanced search and replace capabilities, you can easily edit configuration files, scripts, and other text-based documents on the go.

Task Manager

Monitor and manage running processes and system resources with MT Manager’s task manager. View detailed information about running processes, including CPU and memory usage, and terminate or kill misbehaving apps to free up system resources and improve performance.

Customization Options

Customize MT Manager to suit your preferences with a variety of customization options. Choose from multiple themes, adjust font sizes and colors, and customize toolbar layouts to create a file manager that looks and feels just right for you.

MOD APK version of MT Manager

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked

FAQs about MT Manager

  • Is MT Manager free?

MT Manager is a completely free app with a lot of outstanding features. There, you can experience most of the outstanding features of MT Manager. However, to explore all the diverse features of MT Manager, you need to register for the app’s premium package for $19. If you buy the VIP version, you will be able to enjoy some extra tools like a text editor, image viewer, music player, script executor, FTP connection, etc.
To use VIP, you must log in to your account. After successfully logging into your account, you just need to restart the app to be able to use all the VIP features of MT Manager on your Android phone.

  • Is MT Manager safe?

Needless to say, too much, it can be said right away that MT Manager has quite strong security. MT Manager is quite safe for users, so you don’t need to worry about getting malicious links, tracking user history, or stealing information. However, you need to actively protect your phone to avoid unwanted virus infections.

Download for Android MT Manager MOD APK

MT Manager is a feature-rich file management tool that offers a wide range of features and capabilities to help you organize, manage, and optimize your files and apps on Android devices. With its powerful file manager, root explorer, APK management tools, archive manager, text editor, task manager, and customization options, MT Manager is a must-have tool for power users and enthusiasts alike. Download MT Manager today and take control of your device’s files and applications with ease.