1. Pre-order and unlock exclusive skins for free!
2. New hero [Ocean Goddess] – [Kadita] is available!
3. Season 10 will be calculated at 0:00, 2018-12-22. New season is arriving with all new creeps and the Lord!
4. Random events added to the Survival Mode.
5. New feature Neighborhood Leaderboards is available to all!
6. Martis zodiac skin – [Capricorn] now online!

Mobile Legends Bang bang

Join your friends during a fresh 5v5 MOBA disagreement against real human opponents, Mobile Legends! select your favorite heroes and build the proper team along with your comrades-in-arms! 10-second matchmaking, 10-minute battles. Laning, jungling, tower speeding, team battles, all the fun of laptop MOBAs and action games within the palm of your hand! Feed your eSports spirit!
Mobile Legends, 2017’s fresh mobile eSports masterpiece. Shatter your opponents with the bit of your finger and claim the crown of strongest Challenger!
Your phone thirsts for battle!


1. Classic MOBA Maps, 5v5 Battles
Real-time 5v5 battles against real opponents. Fight over three lanes to require the enemy’s tower. four jungle areas. eighteen defense towers. two Wild Bosses. Complete reproductions of classic MOBA maps. Full-on 5v5, Human vs. Human battles. A triumphant come to real MOBA gameplay.

2. Win with cooperation & Strategy
Block harm, management the enemy, and heal teammates! choose between Tanks, Mages, Marksmen, Assassins, Supports, etc. to anchor your team or be match MVP! New heroes area unit perpetually being released!

3. honest Fights, Carry Your Team to conclusion
Just like classic MOBAs, there’s no hero coaching or paying for stats. Winners and losers area unit determined supported ability and skill on this honest and balanced platform for competitive diversion. Play to Win, not Pay to Win.

4. straightforward Controls, simple to Master
With a virtual joystick on the left and ability buttons on the proper, two fingers area unit all you wish to become a master! Autolock and target winnow permit you to last hit to your heart’s content. ne’er miss! And a convenient tap-to-equip system helps you to specialize in the fun of battle!

5. ten Second Matchmaking, ten Minute Matches
Matchmaking solely takes ten seconds, and battles last ten minutes, glossing over the quiet early-game leveling up and jumping right into intense battles. Less boring waiting and repetitive farming, and additional thrilling action and fist-pumping victories. At anyplace, at any moment, simply develop your phone, stir up the sport, and immerse yourself in heart-pounding MOBA competition.

6. sensible Offline AI help
In most MOBAs, a born affiliation suggests that hanging your team bent on dry, however with Mobile Legends’s powerful reconnection system, if you get born, you’ll be back within the battle in seconds. And whereas you’re offline, your character are going to be controlled by our AI system to avoid a 5-on-4 scenario.