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Mike Craft – Best Crafting & Building game is the completely free game for kids and adults, for boys and girls, explore the world, mining treasures and make new friends.

About Mikecraft

Mini version of Minecraft, focused on freestyle crafting and building!

Inspiration named Minecraft

Gamers, or even those who have never played the game, surely know about Minecraft. That is enough to know how big the spread of this game is. In the open, free sandbox world of Minecraft, players can do anything they like. From building, crafting everything to fighting, interacting and competing with other players or with NPCs present in the game. Everything is represented in the form of blocks like you are playing with Lego. So many people also call Minecraft a game of magical blocks.

Minecraft has such an attraction, no wonder there are a lot of games that are constantly being born. It is worth mentioning that each such game has its own appeal. It proves that the developer has also invested a lot of thought and understood the beloved little aspects from the original Minecraft.

These games often have in common that they are compact, much lighter in size, suitable for many devices, so almost anyone can play without thinking too much like the original Minecraft. Each such game will choose to focus on a certain aspect from the original game. Dig a lot into it, bringing more in-depth inspiration to more groups of players.

The building game for everyone

Also based on the principle of building everything from magic cubes, Mikecraft only focuses on construction in a similar way to Minecraft. Since there’s not a lot of complicated stuff involved, this game is suitable for all audiences. And you, whoever you are, can play this game in your own way and at your own pace, at any time of the day.

With just a little enthusiasm to create everything from scratch, a desire to know what it would be like if you had the ability to build your own world, you can start with Mikecraft.

Use the square blocks to color, group, and classify available in Mikecraft to start putting them together, building into different shapes. Gradually, you form a house, a tree, a castle, a bridge, a vast farm. Whatever comes to mind and wants it to be present in the game’s virtual world, start building from the first bricks. Playing, witnessing everything form from zero, becoming more epic every day, will be a very interesting feeling.

Smash everything you’re not satisfied with

If you can build, you can destroy. Mikecraft also allows to do this easily. If the construction should be unfinished a project and feel dissatisfied about it. You can completely craft a tool to knock down, smash that part of the building you don’t like. Then take the resources to rebuild from scratch or edit as you like. This feature gives players the flexibility to change everything at will without sometimes having to rebuild from scratch.

Explore the 3D pixel world

Along with the free construction and manufacturing, this vast world is always open around. Why not take the time to visit as many areas as possible? Who knows, we will find new resources, including hidden treasures waiting.

Hidden behind the mists are areas that have yet to be found. Wherever you go, build and craft there, you will quickly open up many new places and gradually fully explore this world.

Mikecraft, focusing on the construction and crafting aspect

For example, you just love to build and build, but Minecraft forces you to fight to protect your building and destroy a bunch of enemies around. Quite annoying. While a certain spin-off might focus entirely on building and crafting, it doesn’t force you to do this or that or talk to anyone. For introverted players, this is a great gift.

If you are intending to play “Minecraft” small version and just need to create and build, like the example I just mentioned, you can download Mikecraft on APKMOD.CC to try it out.

Craft everything you want

The second aspect that Mikecraft focuses on exploiting is Crafting. Building only helps you with the outer background, bulky, monumental things like castles or farms. But it can’t help you make decorative details, display inside and items that can be used every day.

The rather rich Crafting feature in Mikecraft can do that, smooth. Just make up a simple first tool with the collected wooden stick around. You can start doing things like digging more deep holes to mine metal, and then making hammers, axes, saws, scissors to have the opportunity to craft and build more detailed things.

With more and more diverse tools, later on, you can also build your own cabinets, beds, tables, and shelves to decorate the inside of the house. Then there are more advanced things like cars, bridges, plows… Just being creative, and patiently making some tools, you will have everything you need in hand.

Resource gathering

The world you are in has a lot to explore. The original magic squares weren’t enough to make anything big. You will need to constantly go around gathering more resources, mining mineral deposits, and also concentrating a decent amount of other miscellaneous items in the area. This will be an endless supply for the construction and crafting work you are pursuing.

Download Mikecraft APK for Android

Do everything you want, collect everything you need and enjoy a carefree life, focusing only on building, crafting and exploring in Mikecraft. This Minecraft clone mini-game will definitely be an interesting internship for players who like to build.